Mar 26, 2012

An Introduction of Sorts

I've decided to give real blogging a try. What I mean by "real blogging" is writing about myself and some things that Jamie and I are going through. I don't mean the super serious stuff that shouldn't be aired on the internet, but life-important stuff that I can share with our families on one platform. Facebook has done a great job of allowing the transmission of trivial matters to family farther away, but it's just not the right place for everything.

The title of the blog, up there, isn't meant to be taken completely seriously. It was a filler title until I thought of something better, but I haven't thought of anything better yet. It's the title of an egotistical Broadway number, that also happens to be really hilarious. It's somewhat fitting to the blog in the way that I doubt Jamie will ever really want to actually write in this blog, so it's mostly me here. It also makes me sing the song it came from every time I read it, and that's just fun. Eventually, it may have to be changed for that same reason. Maybe instead of a title, I'll just create some really spectacular graphic to go there. (Now you have high expectations; so much pressure!)

My initial, specific blogging plan is to use this as a way to keep you guys filled in on our medical adventure of trying to create a li'l mini Ellison. Of course, I'm not going to get into the birds and the bees with it, but I may expand on doctors appointments, my frustrations about it, etc. Who knows? I may even just use this as an outlet for day to day stuff. We'll see. HOPEFULLY... eventually, this will be a place we can share our mini Ellison with you all, and I'll be typing half asleep with a thousand squiggles under my thousand typos and run-on sentences.

So what do you think? Is it a good idea? I think I'd be more likely to keep up with it if I knew someone was interested in reading it! I also think it'd be therapeutic to have a venue to think and sort it all out when I'm feeling jumbled. I suppose I'll start tomorrow with a progress report of what we've done and where we are at present, as well as the next step.

I've never been great at writing in general, but the thing I have always had the hardest time with is transitioning to a closing statement. Just pretend this is a relevant and thoughtful close.

EDIT! I think I may have come up with a better blog title while sending an email out to share the link. Ellison Family Expansion Plan? I'll think on it.

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