About Us

We are Jamie and Sam.

I am Sam, the one who writes here.

We have unisex names. When we meet new people, they almost always call us the wrong names.

I will answer if you call me Jamie, and sometimes, I won't correct you.

We have been together for about a decade already. Five of those years, we have been married.

I will clarify that those stats are of November 2012 in the case that I don't update this.

We aren't as dramatic as we look in this wedding photo.

credit: Noble Images
I wish we could have another wedding.

We have a couple fuzzie friends, Chuck and Chase.
They are not friends.
I wish they were friends.

We are ready to expand our family. We've been ready for three and a half years. This year, we decided it was time to get all gung-ho and start fertility treatments.

I started this blog as an outlet for myself during this adventure. It's proved to be really enjoyable and I've expanded it into a pretty generic personal blog.

We are writing our next chapter.

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