Sponsor Me?

Hey dudes! I'm glad you're here. I have this very small opportunity for you to hopefully grow your readership. I'm doing my best to grow my own readership by advertising other blogs, but I need help. If you sponsor me here for not-so-very-much moola, that little bit 'o change in my Paypal will go toward my sponsoring even more blogs, which in turn gets me some new peeps to read my junk, which in turn gets some new peeps to see your button, which in turn gets some new peeps to visit your blog. (But hey, you don't have to have a blog. I'm happy to be sponsored by shops, too!)

Let's get a little Jerry Maguire for a moment:
You had me at 'hello'.  
The human head weighs eight pounds. 
Show me the money!  (Well actually...)
Help me help you. 
(Or just help me by throwing a couple bucks my way in exchange for a little bit of exposure. I'm not picky.)

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