Apr 7, 2012

Dear Husband: Why you need me to have an iPad

  1. We'll finally have an extra charger in the living room again. 
  2. You won't have to hear me complain about how long it takes the netbook to do pretty much anything. (Seriously, that hipster of a mini-lappy likes to pretend it's 1997 and still on dial-up connection.)
  3. I won't have to steal your real lappy out of that sweet leather briefcase you have. (This means you can still use it when I want to spend all Sunday on Pinterest!)
  4. Remember that Pocket PC you used to have? It'd be just like that, except way more cool. Your finger is the Stylus! (Though it'd require a much larger pocket.)
  5. Our baby will be a genius with all those learnin' apps that probably exist?
  6. Chuck could really benefit from this some how, too, I'm sure. (Chuck's the dog, for those unknowing.)

Okay, so these aren't very good reasons and we don't really need an iPad. The advertisements do a really great job at making me want one. Retina display, you say? Cool. Oh look, they're creating impressionistic art! I can do that too! (Probably not.) I (we) can play Angry Birds on a large enough screen that I (we) don't have to either a.) scroll back and forth and guess where to aim or b.) zoom out so that the birds are tinier than the period at the end of this sentence. (First world problems.)

Alright, fine. I fully admit that we don't need an iPad and have managed to survive without one. But wouldn't it just be cool, or something? While sure, it'd be a great addition to the household, I want you to know how much I appreciate, and am grateful for, everything you've provided for us over the years. I love you!

</mushy stuff>

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