Apr 16, 2012

"Does that mean you can drive in the carpool lane?"

I woke up a thousand times last night. (That's way too many.) We went to bed early; around nine. Jamie and I had done a little day drinking instead of laying on the couch. Hey! It was quality time.

I'm going to enjoy beer while I can, okay?

I must have crashed as soon as my head hit the pillow. I woke up so so thirsty. I wanted to wait it out til my alarm, but I just couldn't. I found my way down stairs and grabbed a glass of water. While drinking it, I glanced at the microwave. 11:30. While I felt like I had slept for fourteen and a half hours, it was dark, so I assumed that meant it was still Sunday night. (I was right.)

I drank a thousand glasses of water (that's way too many) and crawled back into bed. I tossed and turned and dozed a bit then rolled over to find Jamie reading something on his phone. We must have gone to bed too early; our bodies assumed naptime instead of bedtime.

"What are you doing?" I ask.
"Grumble mumble blurgh." he responded, then put his phone down and we each rolled over.

We continued to toss and turn. Sleep and wake up and doze. It was the longest night ever.

I finally woke up, and was immediately on edge. This morning, I had to deliver Jamie's (*ahem*) sample to our fertility doctor's other, way less convenient office. They're testing how well his li'l guys can penetrate an egg. It had to be there at 8am. I don't know why I was so nervous. All I had to do was drop it off and pay for the test, but it was affecting me.

I was late getting to the general vicinity of the office. (It turns out, potential people don't count, so no, Jason. I couldn't use the carpool lane.) Had Google Maps told me that I was supposed to make a right, then another right to see the entrance of the building, I'd have only been ten minutes late. But since Google Maps didn't tell me that, I couldn't see the building causing me to wonder why 561 Hospital Rd just wasn't existing between 551 and 593. Once I called the office and figured out where to go and got there, I managed to walk into the wrong building and couldn't figure out why I still couldn't find the office. Of course, my mind had confused the building numbers and once I realized this, I was on track.

The sample had to be delivered within an hour of being (*ahem*) produced (heh heh), and luckily I made it there with just under ten minutes to spare. The woman behind the counter was kind and personable. She called me Sam instead of Samantha without any prompting, which always puts me at ease for some reason. I gave her my credit card, and $350 later (yikes!), we wait. Of course, I forgot to ask how long before we can expect our results, so that's going to drive me crazy.

I'm really eager to get the results and figure out the next step. None of this can come fast enough for me, but I am trying so hard to be patient.


  1. I'm rootin for you guys!!! I hope Jamies "little soldiers" are good to go!! =D

    **Crossing my fingers**

  2. Hoping for a few super wimmers out of that submarine you took!

  3. Praying that as you guys take each new step of this journey it becomes easier for you.