Apr 12, 2012

Fantasy Baby

Who hasn't, pre-real baby, dreamed about dressing up their fantasy baby in the most fun and quirky and cutest outfits anyone has ever seen? You always hear non-parents say "When I have kids, they're going to be so well dressed." I'm not that delusional. I've spent my fair share of time around those little worms and I know that I'm going to be lucky to keep them clothed and clean for any extended period of time. But this post isn't about my real future baby, it's about Fantasy Baby.

Fantasy Baby isn't a boy or a girl, though I have a habit of referring to Fantasy Baby as a he. I may also have a tendency toward Fantasy Baby boy products, but please keep in mind that we definitely don't have a preference. I may actually be slightly hoping that Real Future Baby is a girl, for my mother-in-law's sake. *wink* (For those out of the loop, Jamie is the second of three boys.)

If Fantasy Baby really is a boy, then I'd be sure to throw this together for him.
Nerd Chic

Fantasy Baby would also be manly:
He'd have a beard, like Daddy.

If Fantasy Baby is a girl, she'd be so ruffly that you wouldn't even know what to do.
Who can resist a little ruffle ball?

Fantasy Baby would also be The Fanciest Baby.
Fantasy Baby wouldn't give two craps about wearing that on her head.

Fantasy Baby would be born with hobbies. She'd never get sick of having a camera in her face.
Because Fantasy Baby would love photography, like her mama.

He'd also love to play guitar, like his Daddy.
Fantasy Baby would rock his way out of the womb, for sure.

So Fantasy Baby is pretty cool, I just wanted you to meet him and get an idea of that. If Real Future Baby is half as cool, we'll be happy.

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