Oct 2, 2012

A Long, Family-Filled, Wedding Weekend - In Pictures

We had a really great, long weekend with Jamie's family between Wednesday and Sunday of last week. It was, to say the least, eventful: meals at restaurants, family time at home, wedding rehearsal and dinner, wedding, BBQ, more meals... it was exhausting, but so fun.

Sara's birthday was the 27th. She got a birthday dessert at both lunch and dinner.
A gorgeous sunset at the St Regis before the wedding rehearsal.
We had to test out the bar to make sure it'd be okay for the wedding the next day.
Sara and I are fancy ladies.
Hey, lookie! My new sister-in-law (with her new in-laws!)
Our neighbors (and forever friends) cutting the proverbial rug.
Jamie planned this day-after BBQ. It was delicious. We were all hungover.
Then we had our last family dinner before Jamie's parents headed back to Myrtle Beach. 
I'm still trying to catch up on sleep and get back into the swing of normal life, but I can't wait for our next visitor in two weeks: my mom! Hooray!

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