Nov 7, 2012

So What!

So What Wednesday
I'm linking up again this week for everyone's favorite fluff post!
So what!
if Jamie and I went bowling two nights in a row. And so what if I'm still sore from it. And so what if I have my own ball and shoes. And so what if Jamie uses his dad's old bowling ball from way way way back in the day, but then decided to backwards granny bowl with a glowy orange ball. AND SO WHAT IF MAYBE HE BOWLS BETTER THAT WAY.
So what!
if I ordered a hot drink when it was 90 degrees out just so I could put my own "omgz0rz the holiday cups are heeeere" post on Instagram. (follow me, yo: @6and30)
So what!
if I ate turkey sausage crumbles and American cheese on English muffins for lunch yesterday because I really need to go grocery shopping.
So what!
if I was too lazy to run upstairs to change into comfy pants and choose to watch the election pants-less. 
And so what!
if I got tired of my blog design a long time ago and have been working on a whole new one. Maybe you'll see it soon.

1 comment:

  1. Pantsless is the ONLY way to properly watch an election. True story.