Dec 28, 2012

Ellison Sibling Christmas Oh-Twelve

Merry After Christmas, everyone! We had a great afternoon filled with too many snacks and a delicious dinner hosted by Jamie's youngest brother, Pat, and his wife, Sara. (You'll recognize all these peeps from An Ellison Sibling Thanksgiving.) We snacked, drank wine, open gifts, ate dinner, then sunk into the couch for a bit before making the hour trek back home to Orange County. Wanna see?

As much as I anticipate and love Christmas, I'm always surprised by how ready I am to move on after the big day. We don't turn the lights on as much the week after Christmas, but I still wait until after the new year to start taking it all down. It's so much work and I like to take the week after Christmas to try and get back to normal, then once January first rolls around, I'm really ready to take everything down and pack it away until next year.

How was your holiday? How soon after Christmas are you ready to move on?

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  1. Beautiful pictures!!
    We wait until Jan 6th for "religious" reasons. Its the Three Wise Men's day. The festive day they visited Baby Jesus and have him his "royal" gifts.