Dec 19, 2012

Getting Sh't Done

Recently I mentioned that I needed to figure out a way to stay on top of maintaining our home. I considered making a list before bedtime of all the things that I need or want to accomplish the next day. Finally, Sunday night, I made my first list and emailed it to myself. On Monday, as I finished things on my list, I sent an email back to myself with only the remaining items. Being that I am doing this digitally, I've found it helpful and motivating to be able to see my list shrink.

This worked so well for me that I did it again for Tuesday and also for today. I'm finally getting stuff done around here and am feeling a little more balance to my day instead of my usual day spent feeling overwhelmed by everything that needs done which then prevents me from starting anything.

Monday and Tuesday's lists.
(Click it if you actually want to read it.)
 (Yes, I include my meals on my list because they tend to be my "screw around on the internet" times.)
So far, this is working really well. Breaking big projects like cleaning and reorganizing the closet and cleaning up our bedroom to make for a more peaceful space into smaller projects that I can complete over the span of however many days makes the project more manageable. Here's to hoping I can make this a habit.

How do you manage your home? Are you a list-maker? Do you get overwhelmed and fall behind like me? Or do you have the enviable natural ability to just do it when whatever it is needs done?


  1. I have to make lists too. I've been doing it for a while now. It makes me feel accomplished and it feels sooo good to cross things off my to-do list! I do get overwhelmed sometimes, so when I do, I just break things down further on my list and prioritize them. I have a bad habit of letting some things go. lol

  2. I think that's why I started fairly small with my lists. If it were too long, I'd probably not finish it and let things go! Then I'd be back at square one. But, if I feel like half way through the day I have time to tack on another project, I'll add it for that day.

  3. I just discovered a fun app for making my to do list called make my list. Super useful!

  4. that's a good way to do it! I use to do it the same way too. In fact, I kinda still do. Lol