Jun 4, 2013

Strange New Diet - Day Two

On Sunday, I made an abundance of delicious pasta containing a slight abundance of cheese and minced garlic. Yesterday I mentioned my new diet restrictions to help treat my infertility with Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture. Guess what two of those restrictions were? Dairy and garlic.


I have a lot of leftovers, and Jamie hasn't eaten any of it. Determined to not let it go to waste, I've been eating it for lunch, sacrificing the no-garlic restriction and picking out the hunks of fresh mozzarella. (Everything else is safe for me as I used Italian spiced chicken sausage.)

As for the rest of my new diet, I've been doing okay. My only cheat has been whatever garlic I've ingested via leftovers; everything else has gone smoothly. That's not to say that it isn't difficult, though. Let's start with what I can and cannot drink.

I am not allowed to drink:

  • Coffee (not even decaf)
  • Tea (not even decaf)
  • Alcohol*
  • Anything cold
I am allowed to drink:
  • Anything warm that isn't coffee or tea (of which nothing comes to mind)
  • Warm water 
*I am allowed alcohol around ovulation, but that seems to be restricted to red wine being that I cannot drink anything cold.

Luckily, I've never really had a problem with drinking warm things. (My mom used to get grossed out that I'd drink warm soda.) So, one day in and I'm okay with microwaving my water per Dr. Lee's suggestion. What I'm struggling with is how badly I want my Iced Grande Decaf Americano with Room and Two Pumps Sugar-Free Vanilla... ahem... though likely more-so because I am not allowed it.

I have yet to come face-to-face with an alcohol temptation, so no word on that at the moment. I predict rough seas in the near future, especially with Jamie's birthday celebration being this Saturday at a restaurant serving notable beers and delicious hand-crafted, hipster cocktails.

Of course, tonight Jamie reminded me of some long-standing dinner plans with friends that I had forgotten about at a Korean BBQ restaurant. If you haven't experienced Korean BBQ, then just look here:

Basically, you order meat and veggies that you cook at your table, which is equipped with a grill and jam packed with tasty side dishes. Upon menu investigation, it seems that I have a few options, not many, but enough. We'll see how it goes!

One thing that I am kind of enjoying is being somewhat forced into buying and eating more fruits and veggies. Today I chopped up some pineapple and watermelon that should last me a few days worth of snacks and meal supplements.

This is definitely a huge life change. While it might not always be fun, if it helps me achieve my goal of being a mother, it will have been 100% worth it.


  1. After reading your restrictions yesterday I definitely thought that they would kill me. I think dairy and garlic are the two staples of my diet. :-) As far as warm drinks...are you allowed to drink apple cider or hot cocoa? Both hot drinks I would fall back on. Also, some people are all about hot water with just lemon in it. I can drink most things warm too (pop, water, lemonade, etc.) so if they wanted me to not drink stuff like that they would need to be more specific.

  2. Seriously! We put garlic in EVERYTHING and, hello, cheese.

    I'm not a big cider fan, but I might try cocoa made with soy milk! That may be a good sub when I'm really feeling the itch for a Starbucks run or a treat at home. I hadn't thought of that, so thanks!