Apr 24, 2012

Jolt! Rumble, Rumble... Jolt!

"Ooh, an earthquake!" I tend to turn into Captain Obvious when the earth moves noticeably below us

They don't really scare me. Like a good storm from back home, the mild ones just get my blood pumping and the adrenaline running. I'm sure I'm not alone; if it were possible, there'd definitely be some type of adventure for science show. I assume it'd be titled something like Earthquake Excursions. (It would most definitely involve some type of alliteration.)

I was at work when the earth, well, quaked below us yesterday. It both began and ended with a significant jolt, only separated by a few seconds of rumbling and grumbling. The shaking ended after a few seconds and my coworkers and I promptly wasted the next 15 minutes looking it up on the internet and discussing our feelings about earthquakes in general.

Alexa's eyeballs hurt from the excitement. My eyeballs were fine.

It turns out that this 3.9 was centered less than 10 miles from where we were, which is out of the ordinary, so there's that. (Turns out, I don't really have an opinion on that.)

While this was the closest earthquake I have felt, it wasn't the most intense. Well, the jolts in this one were pretty intense, but it was over fairly quickly. Four or five year ago, while working from home, a wave of an earthquake rolled through. It wasn't strong enough to knock anything down, but what made it significant was how long it kept rumbling.

I had a chat window open with Jamie.

OMG earthquake!
Whoa, it's still going!
OMG the blinds are swinging.
I think my desk chair is rolling around.
Still shaking!

As if he wasn't aware that we were having an earthquake. Jamie isn't one to let some ground-shaking distract him. I remember the first earthquake I experienced with him was one morning when we were still in bed.

Shake shake. "Babe, I think we're having an earthquake."

"Yeah, I was just going to try and sleep through it..."

It turns out that during this one long earthquake, while I was typing the obvious to him, he was on the phone with our HOA. They had been bugging us to wash the egg off the front of our house, while he was trying to get them to do it, since it had been there when we moved in. This could be a whole new story in itself, but anyway... In the middle of his rant to this HOA woman, the earthquake starts. He keeps ranting, but the lady flips out, "Oh my God we're having an earthquake! I've gotta go!"

The rumbling has stopped, but the blinds are still swinging when he finally responds to my chat,

The HOA lady just hung up on me!

I've lived in Southern California for nearly ten years (WHAT. Already?) and have yet to experience a quake that'll (pun alert pun alert) shake me, and I am happy with that. While they do excite me in the same way a good thunderstorm did, I'm not looking for bigger and better. I'm definitely fine with a little jolt, rumble rumble, jolt.

This was written in participation with Extraordinary Ordinary for Just Write.

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