Apr 23, 2012

Two More Days?

How am I going to wait two more days? (For what?) Jamie's test results, silly! I dropped off his sample last Monday. The paperwork said to call after 5 days. I gave it a little extra time and waited to call this morning and man was it nerve wracking.

Here I sat, at the desk, on hold. My hands were clammy as I held my Sharpie (why don't we have any pens that work?) waiting for the results. The lady comes back and says to call back Wednesday afternoon. (Play video below for an accurate assessment of my feelings.)

In other news, there isn't any other news. Being that it took so long for us to get to the point of seeking help, I felt like taking these steps to figure out what's happening would be satisfying, but it really just... isn't. It's not that I thought it'd be instant, it's just that I wish it was.

I've got a fever and the only prescription is growing a human being in my uterus. (That doesn't quite have the same ring to it...)

It's consuming me, and I have to try and keep it in check. I'm overwhelming Jamie with my somedays, one days, and hopefully soons. I just want to share these thoughts with him and I want him to be as enthusiastic as I am. I know that he's ready and wants to start a family, he just doesn't bounce off the walls about it like I do. I don't want to stop bouncing off the walls about it, though. I started this blog, in part, to have a venue where I can spew my Future Baby yammerings to anyone who is interested enough to read it so that I don't feel the need to talk about it constantly with friends. I still want to talk about it constantly with my husband, though, but I understand that it can be too much.

So for now, patience. I need to chill out and wait patiently for our results, and wait patiently to find out what the next step is.



  1. I just found you through another blogger and I always need to start back at the beginning so don't mind the comment on an older post!
    1. I just found out my husband has never seen the cowbell skit and was both shocked and appalled. He loves Christopher walken so I just don't get how he's made it this far in life missing out on all the jokes we've (myself and the rest of the human population) have made about it.
    2. I entirely get how you feel about lack of enthusiasm on his part. My husband loves kids, wanted them more than me, etc. etc. I'm pregnant with my second and I am always super pumped about everything baby and I'm happy to get a "that's nice" from him. Boys.

  2. Ha! How is it even possible that he has never seen the cowbell skit!?

  3. I have no idea. It's blasphemy. He didn't even seen interested in trying to see it after I told him. Totally missing out.