Apr 5, 2012


Gosh, this image would be way more effective without that frame!

Hey, check that out! Right up there is a subscribe button. Go ahead, click on it! Well, read this first, if you want.

I know you're not waking up every morning thinking I've got to see if Sam has updated her blog! It's okay, we can still be friends. If you're wanting to keep in touch, but don't often remember to check out this page, then head on over to that subscribe page up there. All you have to do is enter your name and your email then hit send. It will basically just send me a notification, and I will add you my own personal list of peeps to notify after I post a new entry. There's no spam involved. No junk mail. No selling of emails for my own personal profit, because, well, everyone's already got your email anyway, right? (Why am I getting emails from Woodworking Magazine? True story.) So if you're feelin' it, sign up and keep in touch! I'll be around.

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