May 3, 2012

Currently I Am

Unrelated: When I first got contacts, I struggled with how I can't hold my eyelids open very far.

Listening: My Pandora is currently on quickmix. It's playing a lot of Boston, Justin Timberlake, Ben Folds and Lady Gaga. It's also helping me rediscover Bare Naked Ladies... yeah, BNL. I'm not that cool sometimes when it comes to music.

Eating: Too much junk. Yuck. I'm kind of in a health funk that I can't get out of. It's really frustrating. I know how to eat healthy and exercise, I'm just choosing not to do it and it's getting a little depressive. Yikes.

Watching: GIRLS on HBO. This is just a spectacularly written, acted and directed show about some ladies in their early 20s and their general life issues. The main character is a female every-man portrayed, quite rawly, in a very realistic light. I just love it.

Thinking: I'm going get a little extra-personal here; my boobs have been PMS-style sore and huge for about a week now. I know what you're thinking, and no. The timing just isn't making sense and I'm stumped here, folks.  They've been this way since last Friday, which was day 16 of my cycle (today is day 22). Normally, my sore boobs come about five days before my period (or three days before I start spotting - oh hi, TMI?), which isn't due til like, the 13th. So, uh, what the eff, boobs?

Loving: Starbucks black iced tea, unsweetened, please. If I get a trenta size, it lasts me all day at work!

Anticipating: My period, oddly. (Come on, guys, you know that deep down this is a trying to conceive blog!) Okay, it's not really odd when I explain why. One, for the boob issue to be settled? I don't know. Two, so I can schedule my hysterosalpingogram and see how my tubes are doing. Which I'm also anticipating since it'll open my tubes up a li'l bit more making conception chances higher!

Thankful For: The super great circle of friends that Jamie and I have somehow managed to gather in the past year or so. They're all such good people and so fun to spend time with. We're lucky to have finally found them! You know who you are. *wink*

I nabbed this "Currently" idea from IRockSoWhat and Sometimes Sweet.

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