May 7, 2012

"I think you have the wrong word."

"I think you mean sonogram."

"No. I need to schedule my hyyysteerrrooosaaalllpiiinggogrrraaammm. HSG? The x-ray for my fallopian tubes?"

I'm not really sure why whoever answered the phone at my women's clinic has never heard of that, but I'm not holding a grudge. I've been on the not-so-knowledgeable end of a phone call before. She put me on hold a couple times, probably to ask someone what the heck I was talking about, then told me she was transferring me to the the nurse hotline to schedule it, since they don't do it at that location. I had to leave a message.

I'm a little frustrated with this, because my ob/gyn told me they did it there and would put it on my chart. One, she didn't see anything for it and two, (again) they don't do it there. The reason I called to schedule it there is so that I didn't have to drive all the way to Newport to have it done at my fertility doctor's other, way less convenient, office; the one I couldn't find when transporting Jamie's li'l guys and was almost late enough to void the whole thing because it took so long to get there and find it. I'll just wait for a call back to see where I'll have to go. As long as it's not farther than Newport, I'm in.

What all of this confirms, to those not paying attention, is that my week of boob pain subsided on Saturday and my period came yesterday... after only 24 days. Thanks, body, for making things difficult. (I'm usually a 30-34 day-er.) But hey, I get to have fluid shot up into my uterus a little sooner than I thought!

So that's that for now. Of course, I'll be sure to update when I get my appointment set. Now I have to go and deal with the rest of my Monday. Yikes.

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