May 10, 2012

Two Things

1. I finally got a hold of someone at the radiologist! I go in Monday morning for my hysterosalpingogram. (It doesn't flow, I'm telling you.) I'm not really looking forward to the procedure, but I'm looking forward to saying "Yo wassup, fallopes?". Should someone be driving me? I thought I read that somewhere. I didn't have that in mind while scheduling my appointment for 9:30 on a Monday. Hmm.

2. I'm working on the alternate ending to My Invisalign Story. The talent and the crew had a disagreement with how things should go down and basically threw a coup against the producer and director.

If you can't figure out that metaphor, my permanent retainer and my teeth were in disagreement causing a tooth to fall out of line two days after my retainer was installed. The night before my appointment to have the movement checked out, the retainer was all "Screw you guys!" and popped out.

So because my bottom teeth fell out of line, they had to order me a stronger version of my last Invisalign tray. While I waited for that to come in, I had to wear my second to last tray at night to keep them in line and get them ready again for my last tray since they had backtracked so much that my last tray wouldn't fit! So now, I have my new bottom tray and have to wear it all the time for a few weeks to get my teeth back in line and then, I guess, they'll put in a different retainer. What the eff, man?

3. (I lied. So sue me! (Remember that phrase?)) I crushed glass with my bare hand last night. Very fragile glass in light bulb form.

I can't get this bulb to unscrew! 
"Turn it!"
I am!
"To the left."
Duh. I AM. *Hulk smash*

It left two cuts on my hand that sting like a mother every time I open my hand. It is a minor annoyance.

See? SEE? PS I love chocolate MilkBites.

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