May 8, 2012

"Pronunciation: You're Doing It Wrong"

Well, that's not an exact quote.

The nurse called me back. "We call it a HYS-ter-oh, sal-PING-oh-gram. You should just call it an HSG." Because, apparently, my putting the emphasis on the wrong syllables was just too difficult to translate. While I'm fine with being corrected because I'm obviously not in the medical field, there's no need to be so condescending. This lady should know that since I'm trying to schedule this, that I'm most definitely on my period and am most definitely going to overreact and take her comments personally. (This post is proof.)

For the record, I was saying hys-TER-oh-SAL-ping-oh-gram... it still just makes way more sense to me. (Time for a petition? Jokes.)

Anyway, Merriam Webster, RN told me that they do their (ahem) HSGs at Saddleback Valley Radiology and that she'd fax over my information to them and that I should call them to schedule an appointment. Great! Perfect. I will do that. She suggested I wait about 20 minutes for her to get the fax sent, and for them to receive it before calling. I called maybe 45 minutes later and ended up leaving a voice mail, which has yet to be not-so-promptly returned.

These people should know that I'm kind of on a time crunch, here; we're racing against ovulation, people! Being that this last cycle threw me for a loop with it being only 24 days long, I really have no idea when ovulation is anymore. After spending about a year checking and charting everything, I have a really good idea as to when ovulation is close, but this last cycle just completely stumped me. It made absolutely no sense. This is making me extra-eager to get moving on this stuff.

I should probably start peeing on some ovulation predictor sticks this cycle. (They call them 'kits', but what makes it a kit? It's like a double-long matchstick. I don't actually pee on it, I stick it in a cup of pee. It's classy.) I should also probably order new ones. I think the ones I have left are expired. I can't believe it's been that long since we started trying. That's definitely frustrating.

I guess I'll call back this afternoon if I don't hear from them this morning. Bah! Why can't I be someone important who has a personal assistant to do this stuff for them? I hate making calls! (First world problems.)

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