Jun 29, 2012

Currently I Am, Lately I've Been

Why do work out clothes make me feel strong?

Listening to: 

Well, that's not entirely accurate. I've been listening to the band Rooney and not just lately, for like, a year or so, and often. I discovered them on Pandora and never looked back. I love those guys. And Cameron. 

Eating: I've been eating Safeway Select Cafe salads for lunch a ton the last year. They're easy to grab on my way to work and some are super low-cal. I've eaten the Greek salad the most out of all of them. It has feta! and olives! and cucumbers! and red peppers! I love it. But have you ever eaten something so much that all of a sudden, you can't stand it? That happened today. I had the worst, uncontrollable gross-out face reaction. I had to document it.
This was the worst tasting salad I've ever eaten... and you know what? It tasted exactly as it's supposed to. I guess I've ruined it for myself. I did this to myself back in high school with the cheese sticks at the bowling alley, too. 

Watching: The Olympic swimming trials! My and Jamie's favorite Olympic sport to watch is swimming. I really don't know why, but we love it, so we've been trying to catch the trials the past few nights.

Thinking: I'm thinking about how happy I am to spend my life with someone who consistently makes me laugh. We have a little half wall just inside the front door that collects all of our miscellany. After being fed up with not knowing what to call it other than "the thing by the door", Jamie decided that from now on, we will refer to it as The Montgomery. I thought this was a real name that he had learned on the internet. I was wrong. He just made it up and claims it will be easy remember. He's right.

The Montgomery
Loving: This is a no-brainer and probably not a surprise to anyone who reads this blog, but I am still--STILL loving Pilates and Spin. I'm feeling so good about myself and my results and it is keeping me motivated to be healthier.

Anticipating: I have a hair appointment this afternoon. I've decided to shell out the cash for the Keratin Smoothing Complex Treatmant. It's pricey, but I found a salon that offers the treatment for $100 less than everyone else around, so I went for it. I've been growing my hair out for a while now and it's finally longer than it's ever been in my whole dang life. The reason it's never been this long before is that it is so unmanageable at longer lengths. It takes way too damn long to style if I want to wear it down and I just don't have the patience for it, so I decided to try this treatment. It won't make my hair stick straight, but it will smooth out the curls and significantly reduce frizz cutting my styling time down majorly. I'll be sure to dedicate a post to it with before and after pics.

Thankful for: Those big, funky flavored chocolate bars. One or two squares curb my craving for sweets in the evening. Recently I've been enjoying Ghirardelli's milk chocolate with almonds and sea salt and Safeway Select's dark chocolate with lemon and pepper. The serving size for these bars is one third of the bar for between 130 and 180 calories, but I'm only eating one or two squares which is like a third of one third of the bar! So it's really not bad to satiate my sweet tooth.

This photo is irrelevant. 

I nabbed this "Currently" idea from Sometimes Sweet.

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