Jun 28, 2012

I AM a Thigh Master

Okay, so I haven't had much to talk about this last week as shown by my lack of posting. Ah well, who cares. I spent half of those mornings working out, so there. The non-existent posts would have been BS filler posts full of Instagram photos about nothing. (Which reminds me, I need to tell you guys about The Montgomery.)

Moving on.

This week has been good for fitness. I had Spin/Pilates Thursday night, which was subbed by the woman who kicked my ass at Wednesday morning's Spin class, so that was extra fun. I somehow decided that I still wanted more, so after class I signed up for Friday's 10am Pilates. Friday's Pilates was incredible! And fun. And hard. And killed my quads so hard in the face. See this video with the most inappropriate and annoying music ever for an example of what I did most of the class that killed my quads. Looks easy and fun, but my quads told me to go stick it.

I took the weekend off and may have gone a little far with the cheating. I wasn't too terribly terrible with my food, but I sho'did drink. A lot. And not water. Alcohol. It was so fun and worth it as it was consumed in good company. However, I did feel it the next day. A lot. Well, it wasn't really the hangover that was killing me, it was the lack of water consumption. Now that I've been working out, I've been drinking tons of water.  Now my body really knows how good it feels to be hydrated and flushed, so when I wasn't drinking water, my body decided to hate me. It's okay. I forgive it. 

I worked hard to make up for it, though. I had a pretty good hour of Spin Monday evening, some pretty hard Pilates on Tuesday morning, then crazy hard Spin yesterday morning. And now, here I am at my weekly progress report!

June 7, 2012
  • Weight - 163 (+20)
  • Bust - 40"
  • Waist - 34" (+4)
  • Belly - 40.5" 
  • Hips/Butt - 43.5" (+3.25)
  • Thigh - 25.5" (+2)
  • Knee - 16.5"
  • Calf - 14.25"
  • Arm - 13" (+1.75)
June 21, 2012
  • Weight - 159 (-1.5, -4)
  • Bust - 39.75" (-0.25, -0.25)
  • Waist - 32.5" (0, -1.5)
  • Belly - 40.5" 
  • Hips/Butt - 42.75" (-0.25, -0.75)
  • Thigh - 25" (-0.25, -0.5)
  • Knee - 15.75" (-0.25, -0.75)
  • Calf - 13.75" (-0.25, -0.5)
  • Arm - 13"
June 28, 2012
  • Weight - 160 (+1, -3)
  • Bust - 39.5" (-0.25, -0.5)
  • Waist - 32.25" (-0.25, -1.75)
  • Belly - 40.25" (-0.25, -0.25) 
  • Hips/Butt - 42.5" (-0.25, -1)
  • Thigh - 24.75" (-0.25, -0.75)
  • Knee - 15.75" (0, -0.75)
  • Calf - 13.75" (0, -0.5)
  • Arm - 13"

This week, I've gained a pound, but I'm not really worried about it since I still lost an inch and a quarter. I also have a feeling that it's tied to my cycle. When I lost weight two years ago, I weighed myself daily, and there was always one week that I plateaued or gained. Guess what. I'm on the same point in my cycle that it happened before, so I'm not concerned.

I want to share one more thing. Last week I showed you my knee progress. This week, thigh progress!

Let me start by telling you how much I hate shorts. A lot. I hate wearing shorts. Hate. Mostly because of my thighs. They rub together and cause my shorts to bunch and gather as close to my vagina as possible, then get stuck there. Yeah, that's classy. When I lost the weight two years ago, I bought a pair of shorts. They fit! Oh, cute! I can wear shorts! Then I brought them home and walked around in them. NOPE. Still bunching and wedging and yuck.

Out of curiosity, I decided to try these shorts on the other day. They don't really fit yet, but I was able to button and zip them. It required some muscle, but I got them on. Then I walked around. Uhm what? Still walking. No bunching. What? No bunching? LOOK.

Yes, the shorts are still too small, but they're not riding up! This doesn't mean I'm going to run out and buy some shorts. I'm not there yet. But this shows me that the Pilates is working to suck me in in some really key places. My thighs are still flappy as you can see in the gif, but they're getting so much better.

My shorts curiosity actually stemmed from a realization. Before I started working out and eating better, I was noticing something that I had never had before. When I stood with my feet together, I could feel my inner thighs kind of pushing against each other. Like they weren't quite fitting in there anymore. It was the worst feeling I've had to date about the weight I had put on. The other day, however, I noticed that I didn't feel that anymore! It was so exciting, and that led me to try on the shorts.

So hooray! More results! After three weeks I've lost 3 pounds and 5.5 inches, and I am so so happy with that.

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