Jun 11, 2012

Currently (or maybe it should be called "Lately"?)

Food choices are improving.

Listening: I've been spending a lot of time with Jack White's new album, Blunderbuss, on Spotify. While do I love his originals, I'm in love with his cover of I'm Shakin'.

Eating: See above! Since making the decision to join the Pilates studio, I've been trying to make better food choices. One of those is to eat breakfast regularly, and it can't be leftover pizza or cookies. (Too bad.) I picked up a tub of vanilla Chobani greek yogurt, some store-brand granola and some fresh berries and, oh hey look, now I have breakfast! I chose the Chobani because, out of all of the yogurts, it had the least amount of sugar at 16g per serving. That's still a lot to me (when grocery shopping, I look at labels and try to keep it under 10g of sugar per serving) but everything else had 22-26g of sugar per serving. Yikes. The store-brand granola was the best choice as well with only 6g of sugar per serving. It was also only $2.99! My next project will be figuring out lunches to take to work. That's so much more difficult for me.

Watching: We have so many shows right now! Nurse Jackie and Mad Men are coming to a close for the season, which I'm sad about, but True Blood started up again last night! I just love that show. It's so ridiculous, but how can it not be? The humor is great. Fashionable Vampire Pam changing into a borrowed yellow sweat suit with kittens on it from Walmart because she doesn't want to get her clothes dirty when she's buried to "turn" a human and then complaining about it? I love it.

Thinking: OUCH. Ow. While most of my sore muscles have gone back to normal, my abs are still killing me from my first Pilates class. They were so sore Saturday and Sunday that I was having trouble laying myself down and getting up from laying down. Actually, now that I'm thinking about it, I still am kind of sore elsewhere, but my abs definitely were and still are the worst of it. Tonight is a full hour of Spin; I don't have Pilates again until Wednesday morning, so no planking for a little while, yet.

Loving: The weather! Is it just me or has June Gloom not been around much this year? It's overcast in the morning, like usual, but the marine layer hasn't been sticking around all day like in June Glooms past leaving us with beautiful 80 degree days. I'm enjoying wearing some of the summer dresses I'm trying to stock up on. 

Anticipating: Weddings! First up is my brother's wedding in late August. I am so so excited and can't wait to get to Ohio for it. Then, a month later in late September is Jamie's brother's wedding which should also be super fun. 

Thankful For: My husband, man. Sometimes he's just too good to me. 

I nabbed this "Currently" idea from Sometimes Sweet.

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