Jun 13, 2012

Blog Design is Fun

I love blogging.

I think I love designing blogs more, though. I can't do any of that fancy stuff you see on those big fancy blogs, but I sure love me some background, banner and button design. Can I show off what I've done? Yeah? Cool.

Anyone remember Hundy&Undy? I miss running that blog. If blogging could be my job, I'd run Hundy&Undy again. I spent a lot a lot a lot of time on this one, which is a redesign. I should've screen capped the original design, which wasn't bad, but this one is such an improvement. I still love this design.

I'm not so in love with this one anymore. It's my photography blog and it's just... too much. I'm going to have to work on this one some time.

This next one isn't one of my blogs, it's Misty's new blog! She told me she wanted to start up a blog to document her year of wedding planning, so I offered to design her blog. She told me she liked the stripes on my blog, but wanted them black and white. That was easy. Put together a banner, sidebar photo, tweak some things and we were good to go.

I wish I had more to share! I want to do more to satiate my creative bug .I try to keep the creative stuff digital, because it's free. I used to craft fairly often, but man, that gets expensive... and then I have a bunch of craft crap leftover and a dumb finished product that I have no use for. If you or anyone you know needs a blog designed or redesigned, hit me up man.

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