Aug 22, 2012

Dear Fitness and Healthy Eating

Dear Fitness,

After 11 weeks, I'm still in love with you. We've come a long way, baby. Our relationship still needs work, but I feel like we're built to last. We spend about 4 to 6 days together each week. I know sometimes I'm not really into it, I have to work on that, but at least I'm there for you like you always are for me.

Dear Healthy Eating,

I'm sorry I haven't been around much these past couple of weeks. I see you mostly at lunch time, but I'm sorry to admit that I've been cheating on you during breakfast and dinner on most days as of late. It's not to say that I've been overindulging; I've just been indulging... more often. I promise you, there's a difference. (I may be delusional.)

Dear Fitness and Healthy Eating,

I'm going away tomorrow morning and won't see you again until probably Tuesday. Fitness, I know that I will be seeing you on Tuesday for sure. Healthy Eating, I can't promise you the same, but I will make an effort.

Dear Blog Readers,

I'm checking in a day early for my measurements and such. We're leaving tomorrow to Ohio for my brother's wedding this weekend. I'm really excited! I'm supposed to be doing laundry and packing as I type this, but I just really wanted to check in for this week.

Due to my lack of healthy eating, I was able to keep my measurements the same to insure that my dress wouldn't be too big. That's not entirely correct; every measurement was the same except for my arm, of which I lost another quarter-inch. Poundage-wise? I'm up one. No biggie. I'm not going to post the numbers like I usually do, just because there was really no change. I'll be back on that next week to show you how poorly I ate and drank and didn't work out while I was in Ohio. Also, next week is my 3 month check in, so you'll get nice, bloated pictures.


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