Sep 10, 2012

Connect With Me!

I've decided to get my social network on and start a Facebook page for the blog! So find your way over there and click like to keep up to date on what's happening over here. Look, there's a handy little link over in the side bar, too. It's a circle with an F in it. F is for Facebook.

I've also claimed my blog over on Bloglovin, which is a cool spot to keep in touch with all the blogs you read. If you use it, follow me there, man!

Also, if you haven't noticed, I'm all up ons Instagram, so follow me there, too. You can do that by clicking the circle with the I, for Instagram, on it.

Pinterest too! See, click the circle with the P (guess what the P stands for?) to follow my boards on Pinterest.
"Your flash is so bright."

When you connect with me, you'll get cool bonuses, like seeing my handsome butterfly of a husband.

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