Sep 14, 2012

Nailed It

(via text)
Me: Ovulation confirmed!
Jamie: Sweet! What does that mean?
Me: It means we did our homework on time!

I spent the rest of yesterday trying to figure out how I am going to stay sane during the next two weeks. I go in next week for a progesterone check, then the week after that is when I can test. What am I going to do during that time? I know that I should just live life normally, but unfortunately, I'm not good at that. What I'll likely do instead is look at baby things on Pinterest and make sure to get my hopes high enough to set myself up for major disappointment in the likely event that my test is negative. 

Pregnant or not, I've officially begun my transition to decaf. I've never really relied on the caffeine, anyway, so it really shouldn't be too difficult. 

I thought this was Newman's Own until I realized that guy on the box isn't Paul Newman.
Jamie came home yesterday with our favorite salads for dinner and a card. Of course, I'm thinking it's something sappy that was going to make me "aw shucks" all over the place. It wasn't. 

It was way better than I could have ever expected.
So, yes, I ovulated... we did our homework... and now we wait. I hate the waiting


  1. Oh my!! So exciting! Here's to some fertilization in the works. :)

  2. Well I know your different than me, because at that stage of the infertility process I was doing everything I could to avoid thinking of babies, changing the channel when a baby commercial came on, separating myself from everyone I knew who was pregnant, etc. I tried not to think about it and found fun new things to do. Looking back, it turns out I was doing a bi-plane ride over Atlanta just for the fun of it the day conception actually occurred, not that it happened in the air just to be clear :) The point is go doing something fun and try not to think about it!