Nov 28, 2012

A Very Special So What

So What Wednesday
So what
if I went to a local watering hole on Monday at 2pm to try a highly rated and most delicious beer that they don't often carry. (Pliny the Elder, #6 on Beer Advocate's Top Beers)
So what if these beers I have are ruining my diet. I'm not ready to give them up. So, with that said, so what if I ordered another beer that day. I needed it after my next so what.

So what if my mom called me and told me that she's going in next Thursday to have three spots of breast cancer removed. It's not really a so what, I give you that, but my attitude about it almost there because she's got this. She was good and kept on top of her annual boobie squish and they found it really early, so it's very, very treatable.

So what if I had my emotional moments about it throughout the rest of the day, I'm allowed that much. And so what if I feel like we deserve a break after everything that happened with my dad, but life doesn't work that way so, so what if my brother and I put our big kid pants on and are dealing with it like the cancer pros we are. Besides, my mom's a tough bitch; she'll kick cancer's ace.

SO WHAT if I just called my mom a tough bitch. She knows it's true, and endearing. (At least, you should, Mom.)

And so what

if I photoshopped her face into Hurricane Sandy photos.
If you know my mom, you'll get it.
but if you don't know her, I'll just tell you. It's funny. Because her name is Sandy. 

(Disclaimer: I don't find natural disasters funny, just the fact that one shares it's name with my mom.)


  1. This was my favorite one. I'll pray for your mom. And yes. .. the photos are funny. Hugs, maranda

  2. OMG beer and wine totally kill my diet! I eat SO GOOD {for the most part} but damn the alcohol!

  3. Those pics literally made me LOL. Amazing. Thinking of you and your mom and family even though I've never met you guys!!! xoxo

  4. Thoughts and prayers to your Mom and your family. You're right - she is totally a bad-ass chick...Cancer must be crazy to mess with her kind of awesome!

  5. Praying that your mom will be more than fine and fight her way through this.

  6. Praying that your mom will be more than fine and fight her way through this.