Dec 4, 2012

Catching Up

I haven't really made time to catch up around here. There are a few things I could have written about so as to not fall behind, but I wasn't really feeling it enough to take time out of my day. Because of this, you get a pretty significant Instagram photodump with recaps.

My Thursday was spent cleaning the house and hiding the miscellaneous Christmas boxes that haven't been put away yet in the guest bedroom and shutting the door. I was still waiting on my new rail garland to arrive, so it had to be accessible. The rest of the crap I stowed in there is all the decor for the Ping Pong in a Winter Wonderland Party this weekend! (If you're reading this and know me personally, you're invited.) Really, though, I was cleaning the house in preparation of having our buddies Jarrod and Kaitlyn over for dinner. Jamie made a casserole, which wasn't fancy, but I was feeling fancy, so I set the table all fancy-like.

I also took time to admire my table and my beer's ugly sweater. I've seen these on some other blogs and really loved them, so I was really excited when I found them at Target for only three bucks. I grabbed one for me and one for Jamie.

Friday night was a friend's company party that we were invited to. It involved taking a so-ridiculous-it's-cool limo to dinner which was followed by drinks and dancing at a small club down the street. Jamie and I didn't get home until 3:30am, which we promptly recognized was something that we are too old for, but that didn't mean that we didn't have a lot of fun!

Saturday was tricky. We got up around 9:30, which was way too early to be getting up after that crazy Friday night, but I think we may have been too hungover to sleep in. My goal was to get up and eat something, then take a nap before we were to leave for our next adventure, but it didn't really work out that way. Luckily, I was able to push through and I didn't feel too bad for the rest of the day.

So on Saturday we went to another soccer game, but not just any soccer game, the MLS Cup! We didn't have sideline seats this time. In fact, we were way up in the second level, but the seats weren't bad. We could see everything in the game pretty clearly. And what's fun about the second level bleachers? Rumble seats. 'Member in high school when you stomped the bleachers to get revved up? It's like that, but times ten.

This keeps happening to us.

 Luckily, before we headed to our seats, I was able to sneak a peek at Alexi Lalas before he shaved his significant ginger mo at the half.

I'm not going to get into the game too much, but after a slow first half in which Houston was ahead by one, Galaxy redeemed themselves in the second half giving us a great show and winning 3-1. After the win, we found our friends Victor and Julie (with their two friends), who had passes to some post game party that offered free food and drinks. The problem was that there were six of us, but only had four passes. With some strategery and confidence, we figured it out. The four of them went in, then Julie came back out with two of their passes for us to put on. When we walked in, the lady wanted to scan them, but Jamie said, "Oh, we've already been scanned." And she was all "Okay, have a good time!". It was pretty much way too easy.

Since we didn't park at the stadium, Jamie and I had to leave a little early to catch the shuttle back to our car. Being that it was only 5:30, we decided to head off to Fullerton to visit our buddy Brandon at his new place of employment, HopScotch. We knew this place was going to be cool, but I think it exceeded our expectations. I was driving, so I only had a couple craft beers, both of which were ones I hadn't had before. Being the somewhat connoisseur that he is, Jamie opted for scotch and bourbon. Does the name make sense now? HopScotch? Get it? Anyway...

Brandon, I stole your photo because it's better than mine.

HopScotch also offers their version of a Bloody Mary, the Porky Mary! We had to try one. Pork fat infused bourbon, tomato juice with beef consomme and a glass rimmed with their house pork rub. Ho-Lee-Crap. While being not even close to healthy, it was the best Bloody Mary I've ever had. It's hearty! It doesn't have the tang of a normal Bloody Mary and the meat flavors aren't overwhelming, but they really balance it out and make it really well rounded. It was fantastic.

Jamie and I will have to make a point to visit again when we haven't already eaten. We saw so many dishes that came out of the kitchen that smelled so delicious. I just wish this place was a little closer to us! We'd be in there all the time.

So that was pretty much my weekend. Sunday was a Sunday Funday for Jamie, who spent most of the day at Selma's with our friend Jeff. I was only able to stop in before my afternoon commitment, then come back later afterwards. They had definitely had a good afternoon by the time I returned.

Sunday night, I crashed, and crashed pretty hard. It felt so good to sleep off the weekend.

Did I mention that I saw Colin Hanks at the soccer game?

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  1. pretty much love your beer sweater!!!