Nov 2, 2012

Happy Belated Halloween

It's been a few years since Jamie and I were able to celebrate Halloween in full costume due to my being in a show, so we don't have any costumes from this year. When we did dress up, though, it was usually pretty good, so I thought I'd share with you some of our costumes from over the years.

Flapper and gangster, 2006.
This was a last minute costume and I was bummed to buy a costume since I grew up with homemade costumes, but it was easy and ended up looking pretty good.

Some type of wench pirate woman person? and woodsman? 2007.
This was, yet again, another last minute costume for the both of us. I bought the beer wench costume at Target probably the day of the party. Jamie's costume came together when we found a fake muscle chest and the beard. From there, we found the flannel shirt and hat and added suspenders we bought for the gangster costume. This ended up being a pretty hilarious costume on his part.

Stick figure! 2007.
That year, I made a second costume to wear while I handed out candy. It was pretty sweet.

Michael McDonald and a mummy, 2008.
Jamie's costume was inspired by one of our favorite YouTube series, Yacht Rock. If you haven't seen it, please, please go watch it. I was really proud of my costume. I made that dress all by myself and sewed it in a way that made it look like strips of fabric. You can see a poor quality close up below.

See? Kind of. Anyway, moving on.

Billy Mays, 2008.
Jamie had a second costume in 2008: Billy Mays! You remember, the OxiClean guy? This was a BIG hit that year. Now this brings us to our last costumes...

Marionette, 2009.
I made myself a sparklyfun tutu, tied some strings to my limbs and drew on some joints. Jamie decided to reprise his Billy Mays costume, except that over the summer of 2009, Billy Mays died. So, we had this:

ZomBilly Mays, 2009. 
I was going to end my post with ZomBilly Mays, but during my searching through my old Flickr and Facebook photos, I found that Jamie had a second costume in 2009 that I had totally forgotten about:

Professional Ping Pong Player, 2009. 
My husband has great legs.

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