Nov 1, 2012

Old Photos

My family's favorite Facebook activity is to post old photos. Being that one of my favorite pastimes is looking through old photos, it always brightens my day when I see a bunch of these being put up on the internet to share with each other. So! I thought I'd share some of these photos here.

This first photo makes me go "whoa" because in my memory, those walls and curtains were white. At least, under all of the nicotine stains they were white. It's funny how times change and how it was totally acceptable to smoke indoors. You don't find that much these days. Also? Why is my Aunt Mary so terrible with babies?  My dad doesn't look very concerned.
P.S. the couch was, in fact, that color; not white.
This one is a special gem. For the longest time, there was only one known photo of my green hair... but then this showed up on Facebook. This was 11th grade. I had that festive green hair for my choir Christmas concert. Nice. Also, my mom and I were wearing two of our favorite sweaters. We shared them. I'm wearing boy's cargo pants and have a ribbon tied around my neck, which I wore for probably 5 years. Check out my mom having ombre hair before all yous guys did. (Or maybe she was just growing out her old color... no...)
Us Polaks load up on the kielbasa during holidays.
I was really stoked on that denim vest below. I wore it over that striped body suit. Yes, body suit. Those were a pain in the ass to go to the bathroom in.
Mom hadn't quite finished her Christmas dinner of chocolate chip cookies.
 Remember when patterned vests were cool? Yikes. And turtlenecks? My dad always had a mustache when I was a kid, except for when he didn't. It was always weird when he didn't have a mustache.
Remember when patterned vests were cool? Yikes. And turtlenecks? 
 Left: Fake glasses and a fabric-painted shirt. Are those stone washed jeans? Right: 2001, after I graduated. My hair is purple and black, I'm wearing socks on my arm, something is wrapped around my butt with a belt hanging on top, that's a dollar store scarf and a little boys' sized Dallas Cowboys shirt that I bought at Goodwill. Dad's monochromatic ensemble is really fantastic, and while I'm not wearing any in this picture, Mom and I were both fans of plaid pants.
 And then there's this.

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