Jan 3, 2013

A Fantastic Resolution

I don't usually make much for solid resolutions each new year. My goals usually linger somewhere around "try to do better with the things I kind of suck at doing".

Eat better. Take better care of the house. Be a better wife.

This year really isn't much different. I might toss in that I want to work harder on this blog to create better content more regularly as well as to grow my audience, but the content is my main goal there. That was about it until Jamie blurted to me the other day, out of the blue,

"I think, this year, we should start reading together. I want to read all of the classics."

I thought this was a fantastic idea, and last night I decided we should start. Jamie, even though it had been his idea, was resistant. I urged him to turn off the TV so we could start, but luckily I didn't have to go so far as to point out what a mind-numbing (although kind of hilarious) waste the Harold & Kumar movies are. We spend most of our evenings in front of the TV, then in bed doing things on our iPhones. My husband's idea for a resolution would relieve us, at least for a little while each evening, of the bluish glow of our screens.

Okay, so that's kind of a lie. We did, in fact, turn off the TV and read to each other, but the only binding I cracked was the one on my iPad case. 

We decided on The Great Gatsby. With the movie coming out this year, I'll be happy to have finally read it and will likely turn into one of those "the book was better" people. I've only been able to say that a few times in my life.

Jamie and I aren't big readers. We both enjoy reading, but have never made it a hobby. It's not something we would think to do during leisure time, though I've always wanted to be one of those people. Reading aloud to each other last night has turned reading for leisure into a team sport, and I really enjoyed it. I wasn't sure how easily I'd be able to turn off my brain and just listen, but it wasn't as difficult as I had expected. I followed the story quite well and easily visualized the story in my head.

As an actress at heart, I really enjoy the challenge of a cold reading and trying to anticipate the tone and cadence of a sentence I've never read before. Jamie also seemed to enjoy this during his turns reading which made me smile. There's also something about it that takes me back to reading aloud in elementary school, but that's probably just the parts where we stumbled over words like "irrecoverable", which my brain just couldn't figure out... though now it looks obvious and I feel silly, just like I did back in school.

It was good. I'm looking forward to reading the next chapter tonight and spending more quality time with my husband. This isn't to scoff at our TV time, though. Hello! We just finally caught up on Walking Dead and WHOA!

What are your resolutions? Did you write about it? Leave me a link if you did and I'll be all up ons that shiz.


  1. I love this resolution! Chris is a big fan of Hemingway. Maybe I can get him to turn off the TV for a bit once in a while and try this with me! My resolution for this year was just to be consistent, with everything important in my life! :)

  2. Hemingway was our second choice! He may be next (given that we stick to this resolution!)

  3. Awesome, love it. Wish I could do this with Wesley but it definitely AINT gonna happen. I think I might resolve to become more of a reader this year as well. I like to pretend I've read all the books on our bookshelf!

  4. Chris and I do this! Make sure you read dialogue with funny voices :)

  5. That was actually my first guess, but then I couldn't figure out what was meant by "the classics." Jamie's idea is stinking adorable and I love it.

  6. Stopping by from Living in Yellow! Loved your blog advice that you shared. "The Great Gatsby" is one of my all-time favorite classics. We read it aloud in Junior English, and it was one of the only books I actually found myself reading ahead in. Such a powerful story, and I really hope you two enjoy it =)

  7. So far we love it! Thanks for visiting. :)