Jan 4, 2013

Fitness Friday

I'm hopping back onto my fitness blogging bandwagon! I haven't written an update or posted photos of my progress since October 4th. Worry not, as I haven't stopped working out. Worry because I stopped eating healthfully. Unfortunately, this shows in my weight and measurements. Fortunately, it doesn't show all that much. I credit this to working out 6 days a week (aside from these weird holiday weeks) and upping my spinning to 5 of those days.

I began increasing the amount of spin classes I take at the beginning of November. By December I was up to 5 times a week While I'm not particularly happy with backtracking with weight and inches, I am happy with some other results that I'm seeing. I'm noticing a little bit of definition in my shoulders and legs, and my belly seems to hold itself in a little better. I'm getting stronger; I recently, finally, was able to hold a plank on the reformer for a full minute (the last 30 seconds of which were shoulder presses, where you push the carriage forward and back for the duration of the plank). I am also building up my endurance; I need fewer breaks during spin and breathing is becoming easier.

Now that all of that is out of the way, how about some pictures? I'll start with re-posting my last set of before and afters, then today's pictures. I've decided that I'll be starting fresh this year, so all of my future photos and measurements will be compared to today's.

Left: 6/7/12; Right: 10/4/12 (My belly bruises are from THIS.)

Left: 6/7/12; Right: 10/4/12
And so with that reminder, here is where I'm at today after my hour-long spin class.

Click it if you want to see it larger.
I've decided to spare you from my glaring thighs. While these pants are kind of hiding any major details, you can still get the idea, but keep in mind that they are also pretty flattering so they might be a bit deceiving. In any case, even though the numbers have gone up, I'm still seeing a difference. (Hello, side-view belly!)

Speaking of numbers, here they are. (Go here if you want to see all of my old measurements.)

January 4th, 2013

  • Weight - 154 (+2.5)
  • Calf - 13.75" (+0.25)
  • Knee - 15.25" (+0.25)
  • Thigh - 24.25" (+0.5)
  • Hips/Butt - 41.75" (+0.75)
  • Belly - 39.5" (+0.5)
  • Waist - 31.5" (+.5)
  • Bust - 38" (+0.25)
  • Arms - 12.25" (+0.25)
I'm not too discouraged by these numbers as I've really, really eaten like crap since Thanksgiving, so if I keep it up and make an effort to eat better, I think I can get back on track. The only foreseeable obstacle will be the time I will be spending in Ohio for my mom's surgery. I will also have to figure out what to do before then since my contract with the Pilates studio ends on the 12th, and I don't want to pay for a month then end up having to miss two weeks worth of classes. Then there will be the time that I'm in Ohio. I'm not sure how I'll get any exercise so I may be doomed until I return. We'll see.

Do you have any fitness goals for the New Year? (Who doesn't?!)


  1. I think you look amazing! You are such an inspiration!

  2. You're looking great!! I don't know how long you'll be up here in Ohio, but maybe you can get a one month fitness membership at the gym over by the Giant Eagle in Geneva? I'd say you could use my gym, but I live 45 minutes away now. :p

  3. I may look into that! Good thinking. :)

  4. Glad to help! Maybe we can get together while you're up here if you have any free time.

  5. You're looking good!! That is great progress and keep it up!! I took a 5 month break from Pure Barre(ballet-inpsired workouts mixed with light weight lifting, yoga and pilates)and weight training with my dad...but I'm back to it now and trying to find a good schedule!! Congrats on the progress so far!!

  6. Thanks Kathrin! My Pilates/spin studio has a few barre classes that I've taken a few times and HOLYCRAP my legs! It's so hard but sooooo good.