Jan 28, 2013

Boobie Replacement Day

It's new boobie time! My mom is having her surgery today. I'm pre-writing this, like my last post, so if I don't  get back here to link to it, just look back a bit in the blog if you want to read about what's going on with my mom. ANYWAY.

I know you've all gotten to know my dad through this blog, but not really a whole lot about my mom. That wasn't on purpose, it's just that I spent a lot of time publicly grieving him here. So, I thought I'd commemorate Boobie Replacement Day with a photodump of some of my favorite pics of my mom and maybe some anecdotes. I really have no direction in mind for this post, so bear with me.

My mom's new favorite thing since my dad died is line dancing. Well, she always liked line dancing, but now she goes out every Wednesday night for line dancing. (Fun fact, she started line dancing every morning and lost a bunch of weight!) She's made a bunch of new friends who've seemingly become a really great support circle, as proven by this next photo.

(My brother, kneeling, and my mom right next to him.)

The line dancing instructor sent out a message to all of her line dancing disciples and urged them all to wear pink last Wednesday. They then surprised my mom with pink balloons, a pink cake, and a few different pink gifts and flowers and cards. It was a good luck pink party! She loved it.

Halloween line dancing looked like a lot of fun. She, my cousin Jess, and my pretty much should be a cousin but isn't Melissa were the Three Blind Mice and my cousin's wife Chris was the farmer's wife. It was cute.

My mom loves to dance. When I was 14 and too cool for everything, she'd try to dance with me in public, like in the middle of the mall, probably just to get to me... but I'm pretty sure I'll do the same to my kids. She and my dad liked to Jitterbug, and my brother and I both learned this from them as kids. My Father-Daughter dance was a mellow Jitterbug with my pop (then swapped out for my brother, but that's another story.)

My brother and my mom did this as well, but he was tricky. When they started their dance, it was a super sappy song that made my mom cry, and she was all "Dammit! I knew you'd do this to me!"

But then Jason stopped the DJ "Wait wait wait. This isn't working." and had him play something else. I don't remember what song it was, but it was big and upbeat and they Jitterbugged.

My mom stopped crying, my drunk ass lost my shit and got super emotional, you can see me vaguely keeping it together there on the left with my vodka-soda.

Moving on, have I ever mentioned that my mom likes to drunk dial/text? Her plus alcohol plus my aunts and cousins = this being texted to me:

But she doesn't reserve that for everyone else. She'd probably rather just be drunk with me instead of having to drunk dial me. We did just that when we met up with a couple of Jamie and I's Forever Friends and neighbors, Tim and Clare in San Francisco during one coincidental occasion that we were there at the same time last spring.

I've hit a dead end and don't have any more segues, so I'll leave you with the photo from a recent post about my mom that I couldn't find at the time, but I just now found:

"I can't look scared when I'm not scared!"

So that was fun! I'll try to hop back here later for an update on my mom's surgery.


  1. Your mom sounds fantastic! I'm sorry y'all had such a long day, but I was glad to see on IG that she came through just fine. Hope she has a fantastic recovery.

  2. You're mom sounds like a blast!!! The three blind mice costume was genius!!

  3. She IS a lot of fun! I feel like I could do a post dedicated to her Halloween costumes over the years, because they're all clever and homemade.