Jan 31, 2013

Dad's Letters

One day I shared, literally, a box full of my dad's memories. In it was a stack of letters that he had written home while in the Air Force during the 60's. I've decided to share with you those letters, one by one, week by week.

22 Nov 64

Dear Mom, Dad, Sharon, Mary, & Grandma,

       Well I just got back form church and breakfast and am waiting for the Protestant detail to get back. I have a little time so I'll start this little letter.

       Boy I'm homesick! I sure wish I could see all of you. Please write soon, O.K., I'm loansome I miss you all!

       Their pretty rough on use hear and I don't like it. Theres so much that we have to know and learn its terrible. If I could get out, I would. But I can't so I'm going to stick to it. With God's help I should be O.K. Don't forget to write please? You know I haven't had a cig in 3 days! Its killing me.

       How is everybody fine I hope. Is grandma O.K? How are you feeling mom, good I hope. Dad are you O.K? Sharon, how are you? Mare are you O.K? are you being a good little girl? You better be.

       Well there really isn't too much more to say so I better close for now. 

       Tell everybody I said hellow.

       Mom, give Linda my address and have her write to me. Tell her I'll write as soon as I can. You see we're only suspose to write to are direct family at first. So tell her that, O.K. Thank You. Well by for now.

With all my love,
P.S. please write soon.

My return address is-

AB Stancliff, Darrell
AF 15721764
FLT 174 Box 1508
Lackland A.F. Base

Looks like my dad was really ready to go home at this point! And probably pretty stressed. Not only does he miss his family and not really like being in the Air Force, he also went cold turkey on the cigarettes; that can't be easy.

I still want to know what Linda said.

(All spelling errors are that of my father's. He was often tricked by homonyms, so this disclaimer saves me from having to constantly type in "sic".)

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  1. Wow, how neat is that! My boyfriend went to Lackland AFB for his basic training, too.