Jan 24, 2013

Dad's Letters

One day I shared, literally, a box full of my dad's memories. In it was a stack of letters that he had written home while in the Air Force during the 60's. I've decided to share with you those letters, one by one, week by week.

20 Nov, 64
Dear Mom, Dad, Mary, Sharon, & Grandma,
       Well I finnally made it. I arrived at lackland at about 9:00 A.M. 7:00 A.M. your time. I am kind of scared right now but I think things will work out OK. From what Ive seen so far its going to be rought. But I'll stick to it don't worry. Right now I'm an Airman Basic and my serial number is AF 15721764. How do you like that. That prop I flew in from Cleve. to Detroit was murder. Boy did I get sick. Everytime it hit an air pocket the plan dropped. It was worst thin a rolly coaster. The two jets I flew on were beautiful I didn't feel a thing in them. 
       How is everybody fine I hope. Is grandma O.K.? She better be. Tell everyone I said hellow and that I won't be able to write anymore for about 4 to 5 days. 
       Sharon if anyone wants my address give it to them ok. I love you. Mom & Dad I love you both Mary & Grandma I love you. Well I have to close for now so by and God Bless you all.  
Love Darrell 

Along with the letter, there was a post card with the same date. It's intention was to be a generic fill-in-the-blank information card, but it seems my dad decided that it should be another letter instead. What should read: 

Dear ___________________________          
          Mom, Dad, Family, etc. 

I arrived safely today   (date)   at         (name of post)            

My mail address will be 
____________________________until I let you know otherwise. 

                                                Signed ______________________


But it seems that dad just wanted to send a few more thoughts. He scratched out most of the wording and wrote between the lines.

Dear Mom, Dad, Sharon, Mary, & Grandma
         Mom, Dad, Family, etc.
I just learned how to make my bed, march, and
I arrived safely today _______ at ________________________       
          am learning quite a (date) few other (name of post) things.
          I think I'm finnally getting use to this life.
My mail address will be ________________________________ 
Theirs an awful lot to it. I hope everyones O.K.
I miss you all very much.               until I let you know otherwise.
I love you all very much and may God bless
you all. I get my shots tomorro.
By for now.                                       Signed With all my love Darrell                                         I had two sigs today!
P.S. Please write soon O.K., I'm loanly.

Actually, I just realized I lied. This post card was actually dated November 27th, which there is also a letter from that day, so you just saw what should have gone into next week's post! Oh well.

Anyway, I think my favorite part of this letter was Dad's deeming the ride on the prop plane as worse than a "rolly" coaster.

(All spelling errors are that of my father's. He was often tricked by homonyms, so this disclaimer saves me from having to constantly type in "sic".)

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