Jan 25, 2013

Fitness Friday

What I thought would happen eventually has already happened.

Dramatic representation.
I'm certain that I've stated before that I suck at having a gym membership. That the only thing that I've been able to maintain is Pilates and Spin is because each class is an appointment, and if you don't show up, you're charged $20 (on top of whatever you already pay.)

I really thought that I'd be able to stay motivated at least for the two weeks before my trip to Ohio (tomorrow!) but I haven't been to the gym since last Friday. Disappointing, I know. I thought that if I at least would decide to go to the cycle classes there, I'd treat it as an appointment and make sure to go. Wrongo. I found myself saying "I'll go to the 9:15 class." "Ehh, I'll just go to the gym after the rush around 10." "I really need to get this done. I'll just go this afternoon." and then I never went, and there sat my shoes, sad and dusty.

The most exercise I got was walking my brother in law's dog on Wednesday and Thursday.

Though, while I sucked at working out, I did maintain my eating habits (except for this), which prevented my weight and measurements from going back up this week. My numbers are exactly the same as they were last week, so I'm not going to share them again. I probably won't share them again until after I return from Ohio on February 10th.

So during my two weeks in Ohio, I will do my best to be active. I probably won't be able to full-on work out, but I may be able to pull off "active". (Maybe. Yikes.) I will also make a concerted effort not to eat shit just because I'm not at home. I have a tendency to say "Eff it!" when I'm away from home, and that attitude is not going to fly for a full two weeks.

Wish me luck!

Are any of you still fitnessizing? How's it going?

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