Feb 7, 2013

Dad's Letters

One day I shared, literally, a box full of my dad's memories. In it was a stack of letters that he had written home while in the Air Force during the 60's. I've decided to share with you those letters, one by one, week by week.

29 Nov 64 Sun

Dear Mom, Dad, Sharon, Mary, & Grandma

       Boy I was happy when I found out I would be able to call home. It was a real comfort when I did too.

       Mom will you please send me about $10.00, I hate to ask for it but the money they gave us was not enought. A least for the majority of us. 

       We spent almost all of it on things we need. I only have $3.00 left and that goes for all my laundry and cleaning. The next time I get paid is in about nineteen days so you can see I'm pretty bad off. So please if you can afford it please send it. Thank You. I'll understand if you can't.

       Boy was it cold over here the first three days. Lately its been real warm. One day it was about 90° to 95°. Boy was it hot. I had my first coke in 9 days today. It tasted pretty good.

       You should be getting my picture pretty soon. They took it the other day. I hope it looks o.k. I usually take a bad picture as you all know.

       My first week is over now, it was the hardest. From now on it should get easyer. I hope so. I got my shots 3 days ago, by needle & air gun. The air gun hurts a little more then a needle but I prefer the airgun. It doesn't look like a needle.

       I should be home after newyears not Christmass, thanks to my recruiter! I really miss your cooking especialy on Thanks Giving. Well thats enought about me, how are all of you. I glad to hear that Grandma's feeling better, tell her I love her. OK. I glad to hear that your feeling good too mom. Dad how is the Eagles comming OK I hope. I wish I was there to help you. I really mean it. Are the Browns still in first place or have they won the N.F.L.? Please let me know O.K.? I don't know whats going on in the outside world. You know I won't be able to go to the Eagles Club in San Antonio. If I would happen to walk in the Air Police would nab me and throw me in jail. We're not allowed to drink at all.

       Sharon, I haven't met any Texas yet because I haven't received a town pass yet and won't get one until about my 5th week here. I glad to hear that your playing your sterio. That really broke me up when I read that, in fact the whole letter broke me up. Mom probly told you that, ha mom? Was that you I said goodby to Sharon? I hope so cause I wantn't to talk to everyone. I glade to hear that your going out and having fun and dating John M. It's music to my ears.  Tell Helen P. that I'll write her I soon as I get a chance. Tell her I didn't forget O.K. Thank You. Tell John to write O.K. Whats going on in Geneva, anything? Are you O.K.? I hope so. I love you.

       Mary, are you being good? I really miss you. I look at your picture all the time. Are you doing good in school? I'm still looking for a pony for you. If I don't find one will you be happy with a fuzzy toy pony? I love you very much Mary. xxxxx

       Mom, its getting better every day. Oh! I received Holy Communion 28 Nov & 29 Nov Sat & Sun for all of you. I said the Rosary for you all too, today. I prayed to the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of Perpetual Help all the time and She's helping me too. Mom I'm sorry I had to ask you for money. Boy I'll be glad when I get home. Are you still as beautiful as every? I may get base liberaty next Sunday if we all do good this week. P.S. excuse my writing & spelling O.K.

       I love you very much. Tell Keith & Barb, Norm & Betty I said hello and that I love them O.K. Thank You. Tell them I'll write as soon as possible O.K.

       Grandma, are you staying in bed like a good Grandma should? You better. I'm glad to hear that your feeling good. You are my main worry. I pray for you all the time. Don't worry about me I'm doing just fine now and am use to this life now so its O.K. I love you very much Grandma.

       Dad tell Grandma S. that I hope she's feeling fine and that I love her and will write as soon as I can O.K. Thank You.

       Well I better close for now I've got to shave and shower and polish my brogans (shoes) Then I go to bed because I have to be in bed by 9:00 so I can get up at 5:00. It's 7:30 now. Well by for now.

I love you all,

P.S. Mom tell Phillis & Art I said hi and hope there're all doing fine O.K.

Ech boogum no I mean  Sech boogum.

I just have one question for my Aunt Mary: A PONY!? (ha!)

Being that my dad didn't know if the Browns won the NFL Championship, I thought I'd look it up, because that's not really any information that I retained, and you know what? They did! That was probably the last time my dad was proud of his hometown team.

I hope my great Grandma Pianowksi really was staying in bed like a good grandma.

Oh, and Dad's funny language at the bottom of his letter are two Polish phrases, spelled somewhat phonetically, that I also grew up saying. BUT. I don't remember what they mean. I know it was something along the lines of "God be with you"; can anyone confirm?

(All spelling errors are that of my father's. He was often tricked by homonyms, so this disclaimer saves me from having to constantly type in "sic".)

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