Feb 8, 2013

Fitness Friday

Ginger Cat Ignoring People

This photo kind of sums up my general attitude toward fitness and health during the past two weeks. We already know that I've indulged in some deliciously shitty meals while in Ohio playing caretaker to my mom after her surgery. Those days along with a beer or wine or two each night to wind down and some seemingly boredom-induced perpetual snacking have been looming over my head. Yet, instead of being guilted by that, I just swat it away. Really, as grossly as it seems that I've been eating, most of my main meals have been pretty healthy, but to be honest, I don't feel balanced. The healthy meals and the not-so-healthy, mindless snacking and drinks make it difficult for me to decide what my mind wants and my body needs. (Though I guess it's safe to say that my body definitely doesn't need a Mounds ice cream bar...)

Are you ready for a miracle? Because I just stepped on the scale only to see that I've lost 3 pounds in the last two weeks of being in Ohio. If you look back at the last time I weighed in and do the math, that means I busted into the 140s, yo! While this weight loss along with being back in the 140s is definitely welcomed, I'm pretty certain that it can be accredited to muscle loss from my three-week stint of inactivity. Let's just hope that returning home to my normal life won't be an issue when it comes to keeping those three pounds off as I would like to not return to the 150s.

So this week (or even last week) should have been my before/after photo update, but given my circumstances, that will have to either wait until next week when I'm at home OR maybe just be skipped and picked back up on in March after I've gotten back into the swing of things. Though, to satiate you, (because I totally know you're, like, totally just DYING to see more photos of me) I put together this really great, high quality side-by-side in MSPaint.

Left, March 2012; Right, 2 weeks ago.
I like to think that I can see a difference in these photos, though hiding behind my camera bag has made it difficult to really see how monstrous my thighs were compared to the more manageable monstrosity they are today. (I kid. Kinda. I don't hate them quite as much as it sounds and no, I don't actually think they were specifically "monstrous".) The bad thing is that I still wear those jeans. The good thing is that they are almost to the point of being too big to wear. Almost. Also? The shirt in my old photo is the same shirt in this recent post. Look how loose it is now!

Holy crap, I have just realized that I've hit 15 pounds lost since June. That may seem like a long time to lose 15 pounds, especially since I lost that much in 3 months the first time around in 2010. You know what, though? That obviously came back. This time, I've been losing slowly, and even during a long plateau, or times of not eating so great, I've kept it off. I have yet to gain back any weight that I have lost since starting in June. Slow and steady makes it much easier to adjust, maintain and keep it off, so I'm happy.

In summation:
  • Hooray 140s!
  • Snacks are fun and delicious.
  • I can't wait to start working out again.
  • I should probably buy new jeans.
  • (and stop snacking on junk)
  • 15 pounds!

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  1. I can't stop stress eating!! I snack on bad junk too :( I am too tired to cook any healthy meals and grad school takes priority over everything, including working out right now hahaha