Mar 7, 2013

Currently I Am, Lately I've Been

It's time again for one of these Currently posts. I know that I had planned to post my dad's letters on Thursdays, but I've gotten lazy and haven't taken the photos I need to for them nor have I sat down to transcribe them. One day I'll get back to it... but for now, you get this.

This photo is irrelevant. 

Listening: I've kind of left Pandora behind when I'm using my phone for music. I've since been using Songza. Depending what day and what time of day it is, they give you activity options to find just the right music. For Thursday, Late Morning they offer things like "Enjoying the Morning", "Doing Housework", "Working (No Lyrics)" and "Working (With Lyrics)". Say I choose "Enjoying the Morning", it then gives me more options: "Happy 90s Hits", "Summer All Year Long", "Timeless Pick-me-ups"... etc etc. THEN! If I choose "Summer All Year Long", it gives me three playlists: "70s Pool Party", "Summer Fling", and "SoCal Summer", each with a description of the type of music and examples of the artists on the playlist. It's a lot of fun, but lately I keep going back to their Trans Am Rock playlist which includes Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Van Halen, The Allman Brothers, Peter Frampton... you get the idea. So, short story long, that's what I've been listening to lately.

Watching: The Walking Dead! Jamie and I finally hopped on this bandwagon not long before the current season started and were caught up on the seasons we missed after probably only 2 or 3 weeks. I'm not really into the gore, but I'm in love with the show otherwise.

Eating: I've been trying to cook dinner a lot more. I do my best to keep my meals as clean as I can and so far I think I'm doing okay. I'm fine with the food I'm cooking, but Jamie has trouble giving me feedback for some reason. "Not bad", "It's alright", and "It's okay" don't really translate any good information to me, and honestly are really frustrating, but hey, I'm making an effort.

He didn't eat my roasted asparagus because he got a bite that "tasted burnt". *shakes fist*

Thinking: I really need some new jeans. I've lost 2 inches off of my butt/hips, 1.75 inches off each thigh, and 1.5 inches off my belly and am still wearing the same jeans. They fit so awkwardly and are pretty unflattering now. Unfortunately, jean shopping sucks.

Loving: I used to feel great just working out, or so I thought. Since cracking down on my eating a few weeks ago, I feel even better. I'm still having trouble kicking the beer and wine, but I've indulging less than I used to. (Eating at home helps.) I love that I had two Thin Mints and a Peanut Butter Pattie last night and the only dissatisfaction I experienced was from how they didn't really taste as good as they used to.

Anticipating: My family is coming to visit! My mom, brother, his wife, her baby belly, and my niece and nephew will be here in 3.5 weeks! I'm excited because my niece and nephew have never been out here, so of course we're taking everyone to Disneyland.

Thankful for: The support I've had lately from my friends and family has been amazing. It's been helpful between Mom's surgery, Darrell Day, and of course during our ever present infertility. Thanks y'all!

I nabbed this "Currently" idea from Sometimes Sweet.

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  1. Hey Sam! To solve the dinner thing I usually ask "should I make this for you again?" Which usually gets a better idea then did u like this...good luck though! Boys can be difficult and mine doesn't like veggies!! Can't wait to see you in April!! :)