May 10, 2013

Just Friday

I feel like I have a lot to do today, but I can't seem to focus on any of it. I've actually been feeling this way for most of the week, which is why I couldn't even manage to put up a post or two. I thought today would be better given that the men who have been working on our house for the past month have finally finished. It was better for a little while this morning long enough for me to wake up and get up at 6:30 to have a calm breakfast before working out at 8. After class, I ran errands! I was feeling really productive. That is, until I sat down at my desk.

So here I sit, wondering if I actually started the dryer when I transferred the jeans about 45 minutes ago, slightly annoyed at my lack of focus and annoyed that the washer and dryer are two stories below me. My tired legs from today's workout urge me not to make the short, yet long trip downstairs but the laundry strewn about the room argue that I need to start a new load anyway.

With life at full steam this past month, it's kept me distracted. Did you know that I'm putting on my big-girl blogger-pants and going to a conference tomorrow? Well, I knew that, but you wouldn't think I knew it. Of course I had totally forgotten about the things I had to bring and had to buy them last minute. One of these being business cards. DUH. How could I have not known that I'd need business cards. I could have easily put something together and gotten a crap-ton of cards for next to nothing with one of the many promos here on the internetz, but no. I had to scurry around photoshop and and pay thirty-freaking-dollars for 100 full-color, yet matte, one-sided cards that I could pick up from the store. They turned out okay.


Jamie and I have a lot of time-management challenges ahead of us between our own work, a new project we're working on together, getting the house back in order now that the reconstruction is done (I predict a lot of "spring cleaning"), and figuring out when we're going to get back into fertility treatments (that we were supposed to have been already back into by now.) My biggest challenge will be not letting all of this overwhelm me.

I'm feeling confident that Monday will be the start of a new normal after a short readjustment today and this weekend. I need my normal back.

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