May 3, 2013

Fitness Friday

This about sums up my fitness and healthy eating during the past 6 weeks. I was on such a roll at the end of March; completely kicking ass at working out and eating really well. When my family came to visit the first week of April, I had intended on still watching what I ate, but that proved difficult and to be honest, I didn't really care. I was enjoying their company and eating whatever and drinking whatever.

After they left, I had a week to get some workouts in before we headed to New York. Unfortunately, not wanting to stock the fridge just before we went out of town meant that I ate kind of crappily. (Yes, crappily.) That week wasn't enough to regain the fitness that I had lost.

It's amazing how easily you can regress in your fitness level in such a short period of time. Since returning from New York, I've really struggled with getting back on track. I haven't signed back up at CUT Fitness yet since our house is still being worked on from the flood; with the workers coming at 9am, I can only take 7am classes and CUT doesn't offer that time slot yet. So, I'm still at Studio 5 doing pilates and spin but only 4 days a week until my membership runs out. (Next Friday will be my last day, as I'll be switching to an unlimited membership at CUT for less than half the cost of an unlimited membership at the pilates studio.) So, I'm hoping that once they're done working on the house, I can get back into my old routine from back in March.

Healthy meals with Dave's Killer Bread

Even though it's been tough getting back on the fitness track, I've had an easier time getting back to eating more healthfully. Actually, nearing the end of our New York trip, I felt myself actually craving my healthier diet. It's simple: eat crap, feel like crap. I'm very much an advocate of cheat days, but when cheat days turn into cheat weeks, yikes. What a disaster! I don't regret it, (because, hello, New York pizza) but I don't want to do that again any time soon.

I know that in every fitness post I mention this, but I still can't kick the alcohol. I love beer and I love wine. I'm sure that my progress would be twice as fast if I just stopped drinking, but I don't want to stop drinking. I'm still healthy, and definitely healthier than I was this time last year, so I'll take it.

I've decided not to take photos this month, mostly because of my time crunch this morning and obvious lack of progress. But I did decide to Instagram a silly photo of me pretending I have abs, so I'll share that. (Hashtag: noshame)

I assure you, I do not leave the house like this. 
So, until next time...


  1. Girl. if my stomach looked like that I'd be wearing that to the post office or wherever the heck I could! lol

  2. haha! I promise that the photo is more flattering to my shape than real life. In a still photo, you don't see what jiggles when I walk! :P