May 21, 2013

New York Trip, Part One

I suppose it's about time to photo dump our recent adventures, and I suppose I'll start with our New York trip. Last summer, Jamie and I received an invitation to his cousin's wedding back East. Being that the wedding was in October, we thought it'd make a great trip to go to the wedding, then rent a car and drive to New York City to stay a few days in celebration of our 5 married/10 together anniversary. Needless to say, our plans fell through.

But then! We were invited to another wedding back East! Jamie's good friend from high school back in New York, Trish, was engaged and getting married in Rochester. This was perfect timing and I told Jamie that we had to go. Not that he argued the point, but we just had to. It was too perfect; we could fly into Rochester and stay for the wedding, drive 90 minutes from Rochester to visit his family in Trumansburg and spend the night, then drive 4-5 hours to spend a few days in New York City.

D'aww, look at that guy. Even back then he had wide teeth.

We got to the hotel around 10ish and decided that instead of settling in to our room, we'd settle in at a local bar. This was a good choice. We found TP's Irish Pub less than a mile away. This is where we listened to a really great cover band, people-watched, and drank Harpoon IPA out of Genny Light glasses.

at TP's Irish Pub, Rochester NY

Saturday was Trish's wedding. (We may or may not have stopped back at TP's between the ceremony and reception.) Not really knowing anyone other than Trish and her sister, mingling during the cocktail hour was a little awkward at first, but it got easier. Jamie ran into a few people from before his family moved to California when he was 16 and the chatting came easier.

When it was time to find our seats, we found ourselves sharing a table with a few of the groomsmen and other folks that seemed around our age. It didn't take long before we figured out that we were sitting with a really fun group of people. What helped us figure this out was the fact that the DJ hosted games. GAMES!

This might sound lame or tacky, but it did not cheapen this gorgeous wedding one bit. The two games ended up being the perfect ice breaker and set the tone for the rest of the party. One of the games was a scavenger hunt. I volunteered to be one of the ten people that played this game. The DJ would tell us what to find and while we were gone, he'd take away one chair, so if you didn't have a chair to sit in, you were out! We had to find things like a lady's black high heel, lip gloss, a cork from the centerpieces, etc etc.

A men's belt and my bald guy.

I ended up losing when I had to find women's silver jewelry. Everyone was wearing gold! But that's okay, one of the guys at our table ended up winning and he shared his spoils with the table, and then with us at the end of the night back at the hotel.

Jameson Select Reserve
Yes. Jameson Select Reserve was the prize, and what a prize it was.

The night was full of lots of dancing and mason-jar vodka-sodas. I'm sorry to everyone else's weddings, but I can honestly say that this was the most fun wedding I've ever attended. On top of that, it was great to see Trish again as it had been about 5 years or so as well as actually meeting her now husband.

And for good measure, since we didn't really do to well at taking photos during the wedding, I borrowed this one from their photographer:

Rick Bacmanski Finger Lakes Wedding Photography
photo: Rick Bacmanski

Congrats Trish and Chris! Thanks for having us!

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