May 30, 2013

New York Trip, Part Two

We left Rochester on Sunday morning. It was about an hour and a half drive through a lot of rural landscape to get to Jamie's Aunt Marie's house in Trumansburg. Being that I hail from Geneva, Ohio, we made a point to drive through Geneva, New York.

Here's a quick history lesson of how unimaginative Ohio settlers were. Before Geneva, Ohio was Geneva, Ohio, it was all Harpersfield Township, named as such in 1806 by settlers who came from Harpersfield, New York. Ten years later, there was some sort of hubbub that (ahem) unsettled some of these settlers, leading them to split and create their own township, Geneva Township, which they so creatively named after Geneva, New York. (The more you know, right?)

The two Genevas do hold some similarities. The most obvious being that they both reside close to a lake with lots of park land, and they both have a Family Dollar.

Geneva, New York
Geneva, New York in all its glory.

We continued on and eventually found ourselves at Aunt Marie's house for lunch and deer-watching. They have a mob of deer that come and hang out on their property. Being that I grew up in a similar area, it wasn't mind-blowing to see so many deer, but I was pretty impressed with how close they came to the house and how little they cared about us being outside, not far from them. I also giggled at how they looked with their mouths open since I was snapping pictures while they were eating.

Trumansburg Deer
Deer in Trumansburg
Whitetail Deer
Whitetail Deer Grazing
Squirrel Eating Bread

After lunch, chatting, and deer-watching, it was time to head out to our next stop: Grandpa Frank's house. He also lives in Trumansburg, so it obviously didn't take long to get there. We visited for a while before heading to dinner in Ithaca with a few other family members of Jamie's.

We spent Sunday night at Grandpa Frank's. Monday morning we were headed to New York City, but not without first stopping at Village Bakery in Montour Falls which is owned and operated by Jamie's Uncle Frank and Cousin Emily. They're technically closed on Mondays, but they were oh-so-kind enough to let us in and show us around. With all the goodies that Emily posts on Facebook, we couldn't not visit and I am so glad that we did!

Village Bakery, Montour Falls, New York
Fresh Pastries and Bagels, Village Bakery, Montour Falls, New York
Village Bakery, Montour Falls, New YorkVillage Bakery, Montour Falls, New York
After getting a full tour and learning the this-and-thats, Emily bagged up the rest of the bagels and pastries in the photo up there that we didn't eat so we could take 'em with us. We said our good-byes and were on the road to NYC. Well, after we stopped at the falls for a few pics.

Shequaga Falls, Montour Falls, New York

(I wasn't that blurry in real life. Jamie's still learning my camera.)

Next stop: New York City.

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