May 2, 2013

So What (if it ain't) Wednesday

("Ain't" ain't a word.)

Okay, I had a lot on my plate yesterday, so I never got around to putting together a So What Wednesday. This is why, today, you're getting a So What (if it ain't) Wednesday. As always, I'm linking up with Shannon at Life After I Dew.

So What Wednesday

So what!
New York Cheesecake
if I still haven't gotten around to posting about our New York trip, or even finished organizing the photos. (What I'm not saying So What to is that I just realized I never ate any New York cheesecake. I'm such a failure.)

So what!
Inappropriate Bob Hope Memorial
if I also haven't managed the photos from my family's visit before our NY trip.

So what!
Dave's Killer Bread with Eggs and Turkey Bacon
if I've let bread into my healthy meals. It's Dave's Killer Bread; it's whole grain, organic, and non-GMO; and it's delicious.  Also, I think that before I wasn't eating enough calories and was hungry all the time. Since introducing this bread, my meals stick much longer. On that same note...

So what!
Fitness Friday
if I haven't posted a Fitness Friday since March 29th! (holy crap.) I should (should) get one up tomorrow. In it, I'll explain why I haven't really been motivated to post a Fitness Friday.

So what!
N'Sync vs Talent Show circa 2000
if I spent half of yesterday listening to mostly N'Sync. After the "It's Gonna Be May" meme, I was reminded of me and some peeps circa 2000 dancing and n'lip-syncing to It's Gonna Be Me in a talent show at, wait for it, band camp.

And so what!
Home Haircut - Pixie Cut
if I decided to cut my own hair yesterday. When I first chopped it, and when it first got shaggy, I had it cut by my friend Jamie at W Salon. She does a great job and I love how she cuts it, but my hair was driving me crazy and I literally have $27 in my checking account, so I did it myself. I'm hoping next time I'll have a little bit more cash and can actually go back to her!


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  1. Ah! I totally forgot about the band camp talent show! LOL! And, personally, I think you did a great job on your hair! I would have totally mutilated mine. :p