Jun 21, 2013

Just Friday

It's been quiet around here. I just haven't been able to muster up the energy to make time for putting some posts together even though I have quite a bit I could be sharing. My time is being spent working out, on grocery store runs, chopping up food, working, eating, researching TCM/TTC, peeing on ovulation predictor sticks, a little bit of housework here and there (a little), going out to dinner because cooking... just... ugh, and day dreaming about redecorating the house.

choppin broccoli

Seriously, I feel like I am constantly chopping up food. My TCM doctor wants me to eat 40% raw vegetables. Those yams up there count towards my carbs, which are to be 30% of my diet. I'm really struggling with the vegetables. I chopped up this big ol' broccoli salad (the third I've made over the past few weeks), ate half of it and saved the rest. Then I opened it up another day and it was less than tolerable, so I dumped it. I still have a bunch of these un-chopped veggies left that I still have to eat and not let go to waste, but I think I'll be steaming them. I just can't handle any more raw broccoli.

Electroacupuncture to treat infertility

I had my third acupuncture appointment on Monday. He put the same 7 needles in my lower abdomen with the electric current, and still none in my arms or head, but it seems like he put more in my legs than last time. Also, unhappy with my still erratic and low-dipping temperatures, he gave me a second herbal blend to take in addition to the first one he prescribed. The first herbs he gave me were to clear stagnant blood and to create better blood flow to my uterus. This new one is meant to help raise my body temperature. Is it working?

BBT chart on acupuncture and Chinese herbs

This is my chart for this month. The highlighted day was my last appointment. Half of my temperatures before he prescribed the second herb were under 97 degrees (which is too low) and showed as great a variance as 1.2 degrees (which is too erratic). But then all four of my temperatures since starting the new herb have leveled out and have stayed between 97.00 and 97.10. Of all my BBT charts, I've never had such a stable temperature over the course of 4 consecutive days. This leads me to really believe that my treatment and dedication to the diet are both working which I find really interesting and exciting.

Oh, because it's Friday, can I talk about m'fitness? Since I haven't posted about it since my anniversary on the 7th? Well, even when I don't post, I do still weigh in and take measurements. Last week I weighed in at 146.2, almost a pound lost since the 7th but the measurements were the same. This week, however, I slowly crept back up to 146.8... oh my gaaawd, I knooooowww. [eyeroll] It's silly, but I find myself obsessed with those stupid two-tenths increments. Though, in doing so, I confirm every month that I lose weight at the end of my period, then gain weight as I lead up to ovulation, then lose after ovulation, then gain when my period is due. It's a roller coaster that really still taunts me even though I fully expect it.

And while I'm still keeping track of my numbers and still working out 5 times a week, I'm not actively trying to lose weight at the moment. It's too difficult to concern myself both with my TCM diet and a weight loss diet. TCM/TTC takes precedence right now, and since we still like to eat out fairly often, I'm finding myself making less-than-healthy choices with the new addition of fried food to my "diet". No, it's not good for me, and no, I'm not eating it for every meal, but I'm not averse to it like I was before. I still eat quite healthfully during the day and I'm obviously not drinking my calories like I used to, and since I'm still working out, it's not really catching up to me. If anything, some days I'm not getting enough calories, so maybe I order a ham and turkey sub and maybe I'm ready to slather that shiz with mayo. Mayo is delicious on sandwiches guys, and I'm happy to have it back in my life.

So that's that. This has gotten wordy, so...

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  1. Sam,

    I have been reading your blog for a while now, with great interest. I love your sense of humour and always find myself moved by your posts.

    I just wanted to say how much I am enjoying hearing about your new journey with TCM and accupunture. I recently had an experience with a naturopath who suggested simple dietary changes that literally changed my life. It's so amazing what focusing on your health, naturally, can do - for your body AND your mind.

    I look foward to reading more about the process and am keeping my fingers crossed for you!