Aug 19, 2013


Let's pretend that it hasn't been about a decade since I last put any effort into this space here and just move right into what happened this weekend. My brother Jason and his wife Catie checked in to be induced on Friday night. They ended up spending the night to prep for the induction that would begin on Saturday. I was really excited and eager to receive updates from my brother back in Ohio, but luckily I had a distraction for the day to help keep me sane.

Jamie's brother Mike and his wife Renata had their baby shower and it was super duper cute. It was co-ed, which is always fun, and included lots and lots of good food and tasty treats. I hadn't really had a chance to wield my camera in any meaningful way since we went to New York this spring, so I took this opportunity to get some Pinterest-worthy pics of the details.

There were quite a few people that came out to celebrate our soon-to-arrive nephew, Camden, due next month. While I snapped everyone's picture, I'll save you from having to look at a bunch of strangers. I will put up my VIPs, though.

My handsome husb and our friend Misty (who recently blogged some Pinteresting snaps from her recent wedding.)

Jamie's brother Pat and his wife Sara. Their bun'll be cooked around Christmas, but they're keeping our niece's name a secret.

Gift time is always fun at co-ed baby showers; there's always a great mix of reactions and commentary.

This card is from us. It says "Hap Pee Baby" then said something on the inside about showering the mom-to-be. It also had little glittery yellow drops all over it. It was hilarious and kinda gross.

Gray chevron elephant pillow from Baker Baby on Etsy.

This chair is one that we've had at our house for years now. It was made for Mike when he was a li'l guy by his and Jamie's grandfather. Jamie wanted to make sure it got passed along to Camden.

Gifts from Misty. Bib from Shower Chic, burp cloths from Ruby and Oliver, both on Etsy.

Mike embraces daddy-chic with his new manbag and Baby Bjorn.

Renata opens gifts sent from Tom and Chris, our in-laws in Myrtle Beach. A keepsake box, hand painted by a young Mike, some adorable Osh Kosh overalls, and Mike's baby blanket.

Crafty Sara put together the cutest gift basket which included this bunting from Backdrop Outlet.

After a successful party, all of the guests were gone by early evening. We spent the rest of the night hanging out, just us Ellison siblings. Jason called and updated me at around 7:30pm our time. Catie had finally gotten her epidural and was resting. He expected that the baby wouldn't come until after midnight.

After wrapping up at Mike and Renata's, we headed home and were in bed by about 11. I had told my brother to text me updates, no matter the time, and had kept my ringer on. Between anticipating his correspondence and Jamie's case of the day-drinking snores, I slept pretty poorly.

At 6am our time, I finally woke up to a text: she's still pushing and they can see his head! At about 7am our time, I got the picture.

He was just grumpy about having to breathe air now.

My heart melted instantly, I just love him so. Luckily, Jamie and I get to see him soon at the end of September, though of course that isn't soon enough for me. I'll be patient, though, as long as my family keeps blasting Facebook with that chubby li'l mug.

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