Jul 18, 2013

Currently I Am, Lately I've Been

Whoa. Hello, unexpected hiatus. I haven't mustered up the energy to even update yous guys about either fitness or my acupuncture treatments let alone set aside time to really write in a way that satiates my soul. I miss really writing, but I'm having trouble finding things to really write about. (Really.) It's exhausting to try and tell a story when the only thing going on in my life at the moment is work, working out, and my strange now-not-so-new diet.

So, in an attempt to break through the writer's block and to hopefully curb the redundancy that has been so present in this space lately, here's a Currently post. (Please, please contain your excitement and hold your applause until the end of the post. Thank you, The Management.)

(If you don't follow me elsewhere on the internetz, I'm platinum now. Oooh, aaaah.)

Watching: Breaking Bad, finally. Jamie started watching it last year. I initially watched it with him, but I just couldn't make it through the first few episodes without losing my mental shit.

If you live in this world and still somehow don't know the premise of the series, the main character is a chemistry teacher who finds out he has lung cancer. In order to cover his ever-growing medical bills, he turns to cooking meth. Unfortunately, the first few episodes were heavily peppered with coughing fits that too closely resembled those of my dad's during his last few years after his colon cancer had spread to his lungs. It was still too soon for me, so Jamie watched the show on his own.

But! One day, Jamie decided he wanted to re-watch it while I was tooling around on my iPad. This may have been strategery on his part as I found myself paying attention. We watched a few episodes a night before he had left for a work trip. While he was gone I kept watching. When he came back, we kept watching. Within two weeks, I was caught up on 4 seasons of Breaking Bad. Now that's some master couch-potatery.

Listening: Early 90's jamz. For real. It puts me in a good mood and makes me wanna shake-m'booty. Hip hop hooraaaay hoooooo, Motownphilly is back again, that girl is poison, and I wanna sex you up, too.

Thinking: I need to get back on track with my To-Do lists. I stopped making lists and now the house is a disaster. D'oh.

Eating: After 6 weeks of adjusting to my TCM diet by excusing myself to eat junk just because I couldn't eat a lot of what I used to eat, I've finally cracked down. I'm readjusting to both this new TCM diet and fitting it back into a healthy everyday non-diet diet. It's only been a short time, but I feel a difference. My body definitely prefers a healthy lifestyle.

Nature Valley Granola and Blue Diamond Almond Breeze

Loving: Weddings. I love weddings! I get really sappy at them and I think Jamie does too. Our good friends Jarrod and Kaitlyn got married last weekend and it was just beautiful.

We were feelin' romantical.

Anticipating: BABIES. No, not an announcement. But we do have two nephews and a niece due to arrive before the end of the year. I'm so excited to have babies in our family. I know a lot of women dealing with infertility don't want anything to do with anyone else's babies, but I'm somehow the opposite. It's like babies are my drug and I just need my fix? Sure. If anything, I'll get to see more of this:

Men holding babies = swooniness.

That's from a dinner date with our friends Jon and Amanda who moved away but were in town last weekend. They stole this baby for us had a super cute li'l guy named Edison James back in April and we were stoked to spend some time with he and his 'rents. My insides may or may not have mushed out when that homie fell asleep in my arms.

Thankful for: Pie.

4th of July Mixed Berry Pie

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  1. looks like you actually found alot of things to write about. :) you haven't lost your touch. men with babies is an extremely adorable thing to see. its nice to know that they have that warm touch.

    marie (listeningratherthenspeaking)
    ps. would love to have you on my side bar. contact back if interested.