Apr 21, 2012

My Friday via Instagram

I didn't work on Friday. I had big plans for the day when I initially woke up at 3:30am. I was stoked to go to Target and thought about what I wanted to do until I fell back asleep. When I woke up later to start my day, I felt much less motivated.

There was only one way to make sure I got anything done on my day off, and that was to NOT turn the computer on. Instead of making some coffee and hopping on the internet like I usually would, I headed straight for the shower. After readying myself for the day, I started on sorting the laundry. One of the things I wanted to get from Target was a laundry sorter; this would allow us to just run a load when a bin was full and relieve me of digging through the dirty laundry after it piles up.

I don't have a bin for legumes. (I called this a cashew when I posted it on Instagram. It was actually a peanut.)

I spent an hour and a half in Target, and $117, which means my Target trip cost us $1.30 per minute. Yikes.  Along with my laundry sorter, I also grabbed two summer dresses on clearance, a 6 piece shelves and frames set for the empty wall in the dining room and a vintage style glass candy jar for the bathroom counter.  Of course, I needed some fun stuff for our new shelves, so I stopped in both Ross and Big Lots, too.

After returning home and building my new sorter, I noticed I needed a couple more things: lunch and a mani/pedi. Aw yeah. I headed over to the local Mexican restaurant and sat at the bar outside. It was a gorgeous day; the air was pleasant and the sun was hot. I ordered a beer and looked at the menu. After placing my order for veggie sopes (delicious!), I was handed a margarita. "Someone rang in an extra margarita. You want it?"

Uhm, yes. Double fisting drinks on a Friday afternoon, by myself, in public.

I've been to this restaurant a thousand times and have never ordered these. 

My lunch bill was $11 and some change. Not bad. The following hour was spent at the nail salon with the lady doing my nails raving over my buttons tattoo and the lady doing my pedicure constantly trying to up-sell me. At least my toes aren't frightening anymore. Afterward, it was back home to do more laundry.

Or more, put off doing laundry by playing with the cat and putting the laundry basket on my head.

As the afternoon closed, the marine layer rolled in and cooled off the day. Jamie came home and we changed into some warmer clothes so we could spend the evening with some buddies at their campsite. Sitting around a fire is probably my favorite pastime, so I was looking forward to this during most of the day.  I didn't take any phone pics of our fire, food or friends because I was too busy enjoying it all to think about it, which is always nice.

Though I did snap this cool Airstream in the dark, on my way back from the restroom. Glowy flamingo!

It was a good day.

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