May 14, 2012

I Need a Drink: How My Dog Ruined a Good News Day

In my last post, I told you about how Chuck forced himself out of a second story window for who-knows-what reason. In this post, I'm going to tell you about how he did it again just a few days later. Meaning, today.

I came home from my HSG today after having picked up lunch and an iced latte. I wasn't really worried when I came in the front door and Chuck wasn't there to greet me; if I come home at a not-so-usual time, he won't always make a big deal about my arrival. I set down the mail and took my lunch upstairs. I peeked into the guest room, expecting to find him on the bed in his goofy cone. He wasn't there. What was there was the screen, all torn up and laying on the bed with the window wide open.

This [expletive deleted] dog did it again! Except this time, he pulled the screen into the room, and somehow squeezed through the bed posts while wearing his cone. I walked outside and saw our friend and neighbor Tim walking his li'l guy Seamus.
Chuck [expletive deleted] did it again! He jumped out of the window and he's gone!
"Uh... what? Oh man." (Sorry for coming at you with that like a freight train, Tim.)
Tim walked the near by parks with Seamy while I called Jamie and went in the opposite direction. Jamie called Animal Control, put a Lost Dog post on our community's lost and found message board and headed home from work while I walked down the trail that Jamie often walks Chuck on. I circled both schools nearby (since Chuck would not hesitate to go play with all the kids at recess) then headed back toward home through some neighborhoods.

Jamie found me in one neighborhood and picked me up. We headed around the park and the middle school and up through our old neighborhood, and then stopped at the elementary school by our house to see if Chuck had shown up there. (He hadn't.)

While we were there, our friend Jarrod called me and asked how I was doing, if we found the dog, and suggested I call the local Humane Society to give them a heads up in case someone turns him in there. He hopped in the car with his buddy and drove around to help us look for Chuck. (I owe him a thousand beers and thank yous for being calm and clear-headed when Jamie and I were stressing out and also for the hug and getting me away from my bitch of a neighbor who was talking to me like I was an idiot.)

Jamie dropped me off at home so I could eat some of my lunch. I hadn't eaten all day so that and all of the walking and stressing and crying made me feel ready to collapse or barf. (I did neither.) I ate a few bites, made a couple calls then headed out to walk the neighborhood and check the bushes in the case that Chuck had been injured and was hiding in a bush or something. That was when I met up with Jarrod and the bitchy neighbor, then Jamie pulled up. We chatted then split up again.

I walked to the nearby park where Jamie met up with me. We were going to walk the neighborhoods, but decided to walk back to the car and drive some more when I got a phone call. It was a neighbor down the street. She had Chuck!

She found Chuck in a bush all caught up in his bandana and the piece of fabric that tied his cone on, so she helped him get those off and put him in her garage and gave him water. She luckily thought to check the message boards, which is where she found my number. Of course, I pick him up and he's like "Oh, hey Mom!" like no big deal.

I gave him a pat down and he wasn't sensitive anywhere, and the cut on his knee hadn't reopened, so I'm going to just keep an eye out for the things that the vet told me to watch the last time he went out the window instead of going back for more x-rays right away.

Right now, I really just want to either have a drink or take a nap. Maybe both.

Oh, and hey, my HSG was all good. These tubes are clear! I might elaborate on that in another post. Maybe.

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