May 22, 2012

My Weekend via Instagram

I used my Friday for errand-running and nail-getting-done-ing, like I usually do. We're getting more and more hot days and Friday was one of them. I shouldn't have worn my hair down, but I couldn't resist; it has gotten so long! I almost always wear it up, so sometimes the length surprises me.

I can feel it on my back and that's weird.
Between errands, I headed over to Jamie's office where I would go eat dim sum with he and a couple others from his office. I had a little time to kill beforehand, though, and stopped at Goodwill. I didn't have enough time to really browse and find anything, but I did find these chairs that I wished I had a use for.

$5 each!
After Goodwill and lunch, I headed to the mall for three things: sandals, another summer outfit and Jamie's birthday gift. I only found one of those, and since I can't give any details, you can probably guess that it's Jamie's birthday gift. I am stoked about it and can't wait to give it to him!

Friday night involved grabbing a couple beers at Selma's, then deciding to keep it cheap and easy by grilling burgers with Jarrod and Kaitlyn at our place so's that we could play ping pong after dinner. (Jamie bought about a thousand pounds of ground beef which means I'm still having burgers for lunch.)

Not ping pong.
While eating, drinking, ping ponging and using exercise equipment incorrectly, it had been decided that we would join our friends the next day on an afternoon trip down to Stone Brewery in Escondido. That place was soooooo cool. They have a big restaurant and a really pretty garden with all of these great spaces to sit and enjoy their beer. I should have taken more photos.

I want to go back, ASAP.
Day drinking took it's toll, and I was in PJs by 6:30 on Saturday evening. Gettin' old, folks. It was worth it.

On Sunday, we ended up spending 4 hours at the pool. Most of the time was spent alone, with the pool to ourselves. We were surprised that it wasn't full of kids on an 80 degree Sunday, but we weren't complaining. It was so relaxing. Perfect.

Orca in the pool.

Beer and books.

After returning from the pool, we had just enough time to change and lounge a li'l bit before getting our science on and watching the solar eclipse. We tried the hole in posterboard thing, nope. Waffle-fingers (google it), nope. Binoculars! Yep.

The sun began to fall behind the trees, so we took our science (and the dog) to the park and popped a squat. A teenage girl ran from across the street and asked if she could join us, so the three of us sat and watched. We had worried about the clouds rolling in, but, hey look! It allowed us to look at the sun without any special glasses or a freaking welding helmet.

All in all, it was a great weekend.

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