Jul 10, 2012

Another Cat Post

Because The Paper Mama is hosting a pet photo contest and I want to enter it, man!

I had a difficult time choosing which photo to enter, and of which animal. I have this great photo of Chuck wearing my glasses, but I didn't want to enter an Instagram photo. So I dug around flickr and facebook and finally decided on this photo of Chase.

Way back when my camera was still new and exciting, I took a lot of pictures of the cat. The dog got his fair share, but he's not as tolerant as Chase, so the cat was my main subject. For example, if Chuck is being super cute and still, as soon as I grab my phone, he jumps and runs. What the crap, dog? So, the cat it is.

On this particular day, I was instigating yawns during Chase's sleepy afternoon. I managed to get him to yawn three or four times and got this hilarious shot from one of them. I just love it.

Okay, the end.

Good bye.


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